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    Preview Mode Thumbnails showing up Blank

    Sean Boone Level 2



      Some thumbnails of pages in Preview Mode are showing up as blank.


      I have tried...


      1. Restarting Muse

      2. Re-Opening the document

      3. Turning thumbnails on/off in Preview Mode

      4. Opening those specific pages, making edits, then closing them


      None of the above has fixed this issue.


      See attached screenshot:




      I am on Mac OSX 10.7.3 w/ 8GB RAM

      Adobe Muse v1.0 Build 948, CL 767416


      Is this a memory / cache issue?  Please advise as I can upgrade my memory and continue working if this is the issue.


      Is this a Muse bug?  Please advise so I can stop searching for solutions and wait for a fix.