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    Inverting a Selection

    222design Level 1

      I have selected part of an image with the magic wand. How do I invert that selection, so I can paint on the excluded side?



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            charles badland wrote:




            Yep.  or Shift Ctrl/Cmd i 


            It's useful enough to deserve a single key shortcut, 'i' (Eyedropper) would make most sense,  (I hit B for brush and use the Alt key to access the eye dropper)  Hmmm... Unfortunately you can't use a single letter shortut for menu items, so it has to be an Action.  I used F2


            and there are a few more that could be reasigned IMO.


            H for the hand tool is a daft one because it's easier to use the Space bar.

            K for Slice (I never use it.)

            N for Notes (I don't use them, but I'm thinking that perhaps they would be useful sometimes)

            Some of the Function keys ?


            I am using a Logitech G110 gaming keyboard but I don't use its extra keys either.  What a waste.  I could have reasigned all those keys in the time it's taken to type this