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    Bad service from adobe...


      Just been to Adobe conference the 8 may, and was told that I could buy CS 5.5 and get CS & as a download for free (and save some money) - nice - but the offer for CS 5.5 expired the 7 may from Adobe (as they did'nt know).


      So nowI has to find some "old" CS 5.5 from a shop or the Internet if I want to save some money - very nice offer from Adobe, but that offer I got on 8 may was "not available" - I can still hear them "You came a day late - Ha ha ha" - "why do you think we did the conference on the 8" - funny, funny - now I know why some prefer to "pirate copy".


      Anyone got the same experience?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What Adobe conference? Other than the various CS6 launch events, I'm not aware of any. And those events are held by reselelrs and user groups, so if they give you wrong info, you can't exactly fault Adobe? Really, I fail to see your point. and not to put too fine a point to it - this info on the special upgrade offer has been on the Adobe site for a while. Equally, if you didn't bother to look before the deadline, you can't exactly blame anyone...



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            DK_DESIGN Level 1

            Copenhagen :-)  - Nikon NPS (get the beta/trial - offer the 29 march) and Adobe Event (get the CS 5.5 and download CS 6 for free - offer the 8 may) - Got the invitation from Adobe the 19 april, so yes - stupid me :-) - should have bought it BEFORE the BIG sale/launch.


            So what Adobe should had told was - "if you bought CS 5.5 yesterday - you can get CS 6 for free download" - they said "if you buy CS 5.5 now - you can get CS 6 for free download" - also I was told that the offer will expire at the end of may (but CS 5.5 was removed the 7 may).


            Thats why I think that on the 8 may - buying CS 5.5 was NOT an option - but just a POS on the event/launch.


            And I must confess - I don't look at Adobes site every day to look for special offers, I get my news from Adobe by mail or invitations to events.


            So sure I blame Adobe for bad info...

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              AGREE!!!  simply terrible service on EVERYTHING! 

              this is NOT the only thing they fail to offer what they advertise.  plenty of that all over!



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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                DK_Design is the following what you were referring too?


                Complimentary CS6 upgrades | FAQ | Purchases from Adobe - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/cs6-faq-direct-purchases.html

                Complimentary CS6 upgrades | FAQ | Purchases from resellers, Adobe - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/cs6-assurance-faq-reseller-purchases.html


                I am not sure for all regions but the cost for NA the cost has not changed for the prepetial version since CS6.  If you had purchased Creative Suite 5.5 you would have been given a free copy of Creative Suite 6.

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                  DK_DESIGN Level 1

                  Thats even worse - "If you purchase Creative Suite 5.5 or a Creative Suite 5.5 component between the following dates (March 26, 2012 and May 6, 2012)".


                  This is what I've got from Adobe support/chat today....


                  Sean: If you buy CS5.5 now you'll still be eligible for free upgrade to CS6.


                  Sean: I'd like you to inform you that Adobe released Adobe CS6 product on May 7th, 2012.


                  Sean: So, till 30 days from release date our customer will be eligible for an offer.


                  Come on Adobe, even if I will buy CS 5.5 today the offer is not valid (re, March 26, 2012 and May 6, 2012)

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    DK_Design we are no longer offering Creative Suite 5.5 available for sale.  You can currently only purchase Creative Suite 6 directly from Adobe.

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                      DK_DESIGN Level 1

                      ;-) I know that now by browsing - but I think that you should tell it to your suppot/chat employees - I've just paid (30 min ago - full prize for the upgrade), and I'm downloading it now (on a very very slow Adobe connection) - I need the upgrade to show for some students, but I think I will not recomend them to buy the upgrade as long as you don't know (support/chat) much about the Adobe upgrade policy. I've got 3 options today fro Adobe, by phone, chat and this forum and all with different answers - opensource is a better choice, and the support is better.


                      btw - you Adobetv is just showing a black box - so now I have to find out why Adobe can't manage to show a simple tutorial (perhaps you should use youtube) - so it will be a long night here in Denmark.

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                        DK_DESIGN Level 1

                        :-) - now I've got the software I've paid in full (had to dl as a trial?) - just have to wait uptil 24 hours to get my licence - oh my god, how I miss the good old days with Macromedia

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                          ?? this is plain stupid - just paid more than dkr 6500 for a dl upgrade, but can't get my serial number - now I can see that I can pay 10$ from some priate site and get a key generator in secs - I'm p.... of with this - in 5 hours I have my class, and it's 2.00 (danish time - night).

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                            Arggghhhh - all my software are back to 2010 (my acount) - come on, I've got lincence to full creative design premium 5 (pc and mac) from 2011 - I'm still wating to get my new serial - 3 hours to go... need 1 hour to sleep

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                              DK_DESIGN Level 1

                              "We're sorry, we encountered an error processing your request."


                              thank you Adobe :-)