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    Suggestions for improving sharing

    andy-mario Level 1

      Since Adobe Review is discontinued, I used with a couple of clients the new creative cloud sharing and I found some missing features or improvements needed:


      1. When a client is reviewing a file (i.e. a picture) he must input the email address to post a comment, this is annoying since I sent the review email to his address, so it's already verified.


      2. An important improvement would be a way to make a note (or link a comment) on a specific part of the picture/text so the comment can be highlighted in the context.


      3. I'd like also to receive a notification of new comments or see on the dashboard if new comments are present on a file, so I can review all the latest comments.


      4. There could be a button for "approval", if I put several versions of a work, client can approve the one he likes.


      Maybe some features are still present, please tell me if I'm wrong.