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    Button widget - add javascript?

    SavvyEd Newcomer

      I would like to add a Close button to my master slide that executes javascript: window.close().


      Is there a way to do that with the button widget?

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          RodWard Mythic

          That option is not listed in the dropdown for this widget.


          Interactive objects cannot currently be added to Captivate master slides.  So you cannot do this with a normal button or click box either.


          There is a Close button that can be added to the playback bar, but whether or not it will close your window depends on a number of factors.

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            Lilybiri Legend

            As Rod told, the button widget is a static widget with limited functionalities, but I like it nevertheless because you can use it on master slides/question slides. Just an idea, didn't try it out:

            1. use the button widget to jump to a short slide (at the end of the course), which is possible
            2. add the JS to the On Enter action of that slide