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    Lightroom 4.1 RC2 - Keep crashing

    el Pimps

      I downloaded lightroom 4.1 RC2 cause the 4.0 was crashing ( randomly )....

      Now i have the same problem using a SINGLE monitor with the release candidate 2 of lr 4.1...


      when i change setting fastly, lightroom simply crashes.


      I am seriously thinking to go back to version 3 and get a refound by adobe. My studio had to process over 3k images at day and it's impossible to work with this new version.


      i am working directly to 5d mk2 cr2


      My pc is a windows 7 sp1 64bit:

      quad 9300

      8gb ram 5-5-5-15 geil black dragon 8500

      crucial m4 ssd 128gb

      ati 3400 hd

      dual monitor ( actually i am using one monitor cause of the known bug of crashes and wrong saturation and contrast in secondary monitor issue )

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