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    Will CS4 scripts work with CS6?

    J van E Community Member

      I currently (still) use InDesign CS4 and I am thinking about getting CS6 (using the Cloud). However, I use a LOT of scripts and I wonder if I can keep on using that scripts or not...

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          pkahrel ACP/MVP

          Basically, yes. Simply try it; if it works, it works. If it doesn't, either modify it (usually trivial) or make CS6 believe it's really CS4 by adding this line to your script:


          app.scriptPreferences.version = 6;


          (InDesign 6 is part of CS4).



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            Harbs. CommunityModerator


            Peter, that's really bad advice. That'll make any subsequent script which relies on CS5 or later features not work.


            Either you should wrap that in a try/catch/finally, or use version folders.


            Approach 1:



            app.scriptPreferences.version = 6;

            // your script


                 throw err;

            } finally{

            app.scriptPreferences.version = parseFloat(app.version);



            Approach 2:


            Create a folder in your scripts panel called "Version 6.0 Scripts", and place the script in that subfolder.

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              pkahrel ACP/MVP

              Ah, Harbs, you're absolutely right. I had forgotten that app.scriptPreferences.version is sticky (never use it myself.) Thanks.