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    Endless sign in loop problem

    audiovisualboy Level 1

      I am having a problem using both Muse and Business Catalyst via Dreamweaver.  I cannot start Muse, or log into BC.


      I have a recently purchase monthly Creative Cloud subscription, with a valid Adobe ID.


      First I will explain what happens:


      The problem was first encountered when I tried to start Muse from my desktop. It would prompt me with a pop-up screen that says "Further account information is required to use Adobe Muse. You will need to sign in to continue." So I would click "next" and see the "sign in" area was already populated with my Adobe ID (my email address) with the password field blank.  So I enter my password and click "sign in" and it cycles like it's trying, and then just takes me right back to the first screen "Further account information...... etc etc" and it just goes in a circle like that.


      I tried searching for help on the forums, but the closest thing I could find suggested that I maybe the problem is that I haven't logged into Business Catalyst yet, soi tried logging into BC via Dreamweaver, and that gave the exact same cyclical event as above with Muse.  


      I have talked to someone on Live Adobe Help Chat twice.  The first time they told me "this product is brand new, and some kinks are being worked out, just wait 24hrs and try again." I did that, it didn't work. The second time, the conclusion was to refer me to the Business Catalyst Help. 


      Also, I tried resetting my password, and that didn't work. 


      I cannot get Muse to start, as I cannot get past the sign in screen.  I am paying for these services, and I just want them to work.  It's as simple as that. 


      Any guidance or help or solutions on this are greatly appreciated.

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          audiovisualboy Level 1

          I even tried uninstalling, and then installing the trial version, with the hopes that I could at least get into it, and then type my adobe id credentials in, and activate the trial version, but the same thing happens.  Endless log in loop.

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            Zak Williamson (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            How are you connected to the internet? Are you behind a particularly secure corporate firewall? Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you have any anti-malware software running on your machine that may be preventing applications other than your browser from connecting to the internet?


            Please delete the "MBLStore" and "OOBE" folders found in


            on Mac: <yourusername>/Library/Application Support/Adobe

            on Windows XP: <youruser>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe

            on Windows 7: <youruser>\AppData\Local\Adobe


            and delete the "AdobeMuse" folder found in


            on Mac: <yourusername>/Library/Preferences

            on Windows XP: <youruser>\Local Settings\

            on Windows 7: <youruser>\AppData\Roaming


            Then launch Muse. It will go through the first launch experience of asking for UI language, AdobeID, etc.


            If there's no change in behavior, please send the PDApp.log file in


            on Mac: <yourusername>/Library/Logs/PDApp.log

            on Windows 7: <youruser>\AppData\Local\Temp


            to muse-support@adobe.com along with a link to this thread. Thanks.

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              audiovisualboy Level 1

              Dearest Zak,




              I am running a windows machine, and I followed your steps exactly and it worked perfectly.  I couldn't be happier.


              THANK YOU SO MUCH!



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                Muckl Level 1

                It seems I have the same problem  - but with other Adobe products and, little experienced I see no way to solve it with Zak's solution.


                The  difference I see is: I am not Using Adobe Muse but Adobe CS 4, LR 3 and since 2013/02/20 Creative Cloud CS6 30 Days test. Since downloading and installing CS6 from the cloud I can’t sign in to my personal account anymore – using Mozilla Firefox 19.0. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.

                Today after chatting with Adobe support,  I was said to reset the password and use Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox. Doing so

                Sign In worked just for one time and welcomed me by name. Next time the same problem - even with IE.  I can't sign in again.  Off course I'd prefer to internet with Firefox - but at least I should be able to sign in to my Adobe account.

                By the way I was surprised right now when beeing able to sign in here though I thaught only to have one general Adobe account.


                I would be very glad to get an answer and hopefully a solution thank ahead. In case this is not the right place to post my problem here I beg your pardon. I am not really familiar with the forum orientation. So I also need assistance in getting the know how of tracking the thread and finding the place to post (my) problem.


                Thanks ahead



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                  Muckl Level 1

                  Meanwhile I got Help by Chris Tuller due to the following hints out of his last email:


                  The problem is that there are cookies set by adobe.com that are just too large. They shouldn’t be doing this and we are looking at fixing it.

                  In the meantime you should be able to fix it by deleting all of the cookies.

                  In Firefox you can press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL and deleting all of the cookies.


                  Let me know if that works and I’ll continue to work on the problem on this end.





                  This really was helpful and since following those steps (one time) now the "Sign In" works as imagined

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