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    Installing Muse

    DMabrey Level 1

      I received an email tonight from Adobe saying my 1 year subscription to Muse was ready (I had pre-ordered it).  Great!


      I install the new application manager then I went to click on Muse and install it.  Great... then it says "Further Account Information is required to use Adobe Muse".  So I click OK and once again log in.


      Then it repeats over and over and over. It doesn't say the username/password are wrong.  It just says the same thing over and over again: 

      "Further Account Information is required to use Adobe Muse"


      So I quit it and I see that Muse is installed.  So I run it and the same thing happens... it askes over and over for my username and password.


      I know it is right because I used it to log in here to complain about this problem 


      I also have CS6 Production Premium installed.


      This is just one among a number of problems that Adobe seems to be having on the backend.  What is going on over there do they need someone to perform an exorcism on their servers or something??

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          Vikrant Rai Adobe Employee

          From the look of it it is possible that the product is unable to contact the server. I wonder if you might be behind a firewall or proxy.

          Is there something on your computer that could prevent the product to connect to the internet?


          If you share some more information, it'll help figure out the issue.

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            DMabrey Level 1

            I am using Norton Internet Security 2012 as a firewall.  I went into the network setting and turned the firewall off and tried get Muse to authenticate.  That did not work.   I am sitting behind a Netgear router at home that has nothing 'special' about it set.


            I installed CS6 Production Premium (download) earlier in the week and had no problem authenticating it and none of my settings have changed.

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              I have same problem.

              Please help!

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                DMabrey Level 1

                Also to note, the Adobe Application Manager authenticates just fine.   I am able to sign out and back in without any problems.


                I also should mention that I had the pre-release version of Muse on my machine but had de-installed it just prior to downloading the released version.


                Just in case any of that helps.

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                  DMabrey Level 1

                  I just tried the following and it still did not work:


                  1. I uninstalled Muse
                  2. I ran Adobe Application manager
                  3. I clicked my name in the upper left and selected "sign out"
                  4. I exited Adobe Application manager
                  5. I clicked on the Adobe Application Manager
                  6. It prompted me to sign in
                  7. I successfully signed in to Adobe Application manager
                  8. I scrolled down and clicked "Install" next to Muse
                  9. Muse installed and I clicked "launch app"
                  10. Muse said "Further Account information is required to use Adobe Muse"
                  11. Clicked next and gave username and password
                  12. It repeats the prompt from step 10 for Further account information. It doesn't say the username and password are wrong.





                  If you would like I can run a network sniffer and give you the actual packets going to and from the Muse application if you'd like. 

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                    Juerg_Streckeisen Level 1

                    Connection to Adobe servers is ok, becose if you type wrong password, Muse says: "The password you entered does not match your Adobe ID."

                    If you type true password, Muse ask it again and again...


                    So problem still active.

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                      Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                      Juerg_Streckeisen and Denbo68 can you both please try logging in with your Adobe ID at Adobe.com.  Also Denbo68 do you have a Creative Cloud subscription?  Finally to confirm Juerg_Streckeisen you have a subscription to Muse itself?

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                        DMabrey Level 1

                        I can confirm what Juerg says.  I tried logging in with a bad password and received "The password you entered does not match your Adobe ID."   So at some level authentication is working.


                        On yet another note, when I go in to uninstall Muse I noticed that there were TWO instances in the control panel.  One labeled version 1.0 and the other 1.0.948.   I uninstalled both of them and tried to install again.  When I do I get the same two instances.   None of the other Adobe apps I have (CS6 Production suite) behave in this manner.


                        Here is a screenshot:




                        I DID uninstall both of these instances prior to re-installing (in case tech support doesn't believe me here is the screenshot before I re-installed)



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                          Juerg_Streckeisen Level 1

                          Yes, I can login to Adobe.com without problem, and I have subscribtion on one year to Muse. 


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                            DMabrey Level 1



                            I logged into Adobe.com successfully.


                            As for the question do I have a Creative Cloud subscription I do have a Creative Cloud account that I was forced to create in order to install Muse.   I chose the 'free' account.


                            I can log into it as well (and uploaded a file) as you can see from the screenshot




                            However the Adobe CS6 Production I have installed on my PC was a straight upgrade/download.  They are not part of a subscription.

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                              AllDayDev Adobe Employee

                              Juerg and Denbo, can you both try logging in here and let us know if it is successful?



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                                Juerg_Streckeisen Level 1

                                I can't. "ERROR: Either your username, password or both are incorrect [ERROR: 1]."

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                                  DMabrey Level 1

                                  Carey a "strange" thing happens when I try your link.   I ALWAYS get the following the FIRST time I try your link:






                                  But then if I try AGAIN I get in OK



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                                    Juerg_Streckeisen Level 1



                                    I try login another account, and login successful!!! But I got a message:


                                    So, I can't login account with subscribtion active, but I can login account without subscribtion!?


                                    Any suggestion?

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                                      Juerg_Streckeisen Level 1

                                      Oh! After that I can login right now!


                                      Problem resolved.

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                                        DMabrey Level 1

                                        I still am having my problem however and I think it isn't going to be resolved today.   Wonder what the refund policy is?

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                                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                          It appears that many people have login problems are now being resolved Denbo68.  I have seen other reports that users who were having similar problems with their subscription are no longer.

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                                            DMabrey Level 1

                                            Jeff, I just tried again and I still am experiencing the same problem. 

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                                              DMabrey Level 1

                                              I just tried to install Muse on another PC with a clean install of Win7 (actually a VM running on my PC).   There are no other Adobe products on it.


                                              I did not encounter any problem with this install so apparantly something on my PC is stopping this from completing its authentication.    All the CS6 apps and everything else authenticated fine so I just don't know what it is.


                                              At this point I am throwing in the towel so just mark this as fixed or whatever I am going to ask for a refund. 

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                                                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                Denbo68 it does seem odd that CS6 installed fine but you are having problems still with Muse.  Especially if it worked on another computer.  You may want to try the steps listed in Sign in or activation errors | CS6, CS5.5 Subscriptions, CS6 Perpetual - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html if you wish to investigate your difficulties further.

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                                                  DMabrey Level 1

                                                  Jeff, yeah it is strange. Even the Adobe Application manager signs in just fine.  


                                                  I've already asked for a refund for Muse so you can consider this closed or whatever.  I really wasn't fond of the idea of renting software anyway so this is probably a good thing.  


                                                  Had this authentication issue happened with Photoshop/After Effects/Premiere Pro I would have been furiously up in arms.  Muse is nice but there are many other alternatives to use.

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                                                    Rafael Tuduri Level 2

                                                    Hi team! I have the same problem with muse, with a cloud subscription

                                                    *-  I tried to log onto http://www.businesscatalyst.com/admin/Index.aspx and I can't enter

                                                    *-  I tried to assign another ID as commented above, nor I could.

                                                    I keep
                                                    waiting for solutions, thanks!


                                                    Rafael Tuduri




                                                    AUGM / ACP / AIP

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                                                      Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                      Rafael first have you reviewed this thread completely and tried everything suggested?  Second can you confirm that you are able to log into https://creative.adobe.com/ and have downloaded and installed other software?

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                                                        Rafael Tuduri Level 2

                                                        Hi Jeff, I explain my situation



                                                        * - I've checked everything mentioned in this thread

                                                        * - I've also reviewed: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html

                                                        * - I installed other software and works well. Edge told me that was installed on 90-day trial. (only Edge)

                                                        * - the problem only appears in Windows 7 Pro. I tested on Mac and Win7 Home and works well. (Muse don't ask me my ID to use )

                                                        * - Once I login from mac, also allowed me to enter to: http://www.businesscatalyst.com/admin/Index.aspx (It seems I have test account or Partner. He invites me to upgrade) Is the right plan with cloud suscription?

                                                        * - I uninstalled everything, re-tested in Windows 7 Pro and I still can't enter in Muse. I have disabled firewall and antivirus.

                                                        THANKS FOR ALL, and sorry for my bad english (I'm spanish)

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                                                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                          Rafael Tuduri Amengual I would recommend working directly with our support team.  Since it is Muse you utlize the telephone support option for your region.

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                                                            DMabrey Level 1

                                                            Just to let you know my problem was also on Win 7 Professional PC.   I did try it on a Win 7 Home and it authenticated fine.   Could be coincidence but just wanted to let you know.

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                                                              I started having this problem when I ordered my Muse subscription and upgraded to the new "live" version on May 12th.  I have been on several chat support sessions and no one seems to be able to help with this. The standard response is, "we will have to escalate this to the next level support", and "someone will contact you in a few business days.". Unfortunately, I don't have a few business days to wait..I have not been able to update my website for four days!.  I am using Windows 7 Enterprise, with no option of using Windows 7 Home.  Is there a fix for this problem?  I am on the verge of canceling my adobe muse and business catalyst subscriptions. I can't afford to be down for this long.  Also, I found out that there is no telephone support for Muse.. that should not be the case for paying customers.  If anyone has the answer to this subscription "Further account information is needed" problem, please HELP!!!!

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                                                                DMabrey Level 1



                                                                I ended up asking for a refund.  You can find the refund link on your order page.   I was unaware there was no phone support for Muse that IS unnacceptable.   Are you sure?  Because in an earlier post in this thread Jeff told someone to contact their telephone support.


                                                                I didn't think that my problem was with Windows Home vs. Professional.  I just assumed that it had to deal with the fact I had CS6 installed (not from the creative cloud) and that there was some sort of "bad blood" going on between the two (or maybe the beta did not uninstall properly). 


                                                                The machine I installed it on where it DID work was a brand new clean windows 7 install (it was a VM on my regular box).  If anyone actually gets a fix to this I would like to know because I liked the software I just could not stand it not working (plus I hate the subscription idea but was willing to tolerate it).

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                                                                  WMRosioara Level 1

                                                                  Thanks Denbo68 for the reply.   I guess I will have to get a refund because I still have not heard from Adobe on this issue.  Fixing this doesn't seem to be a priority on their end and when it comes to this product, they don't seem to care about their customer base.


                                                                  Yesterday,  I tried calling the 1800 # and as soon as I selected my product (Muse), it responded with Muse telephone support is not available, and to visit the on-line support.


                                                                  Anyway, as you know, this is terribly frustrating and on top of that to be paying for a product that I can't use is absurd!

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                                                                    DMabrey Level 1

                                                                    Actually I just checked and I am still waiting for a refund after 4 days. What the....

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                                                                      WMRosioara Level 1

                                                                      Good News! I think my problem has been resolved. Adobe tech support asked that I go to the  c:\Users\<username>\Local\AppData\OOBE\ and copy the opm.db to my desktop and delete the file from the directory. After doing that, I am now able to launch Adobe Muse. I hope this marks the end of my subscription/Muse problems! Thanks! 


                                                                      one note, my file was not located in the above directory, but was in the c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\adobe\oobE

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                                                                        DMabrey Level 1

                                                                        Huh... well maybe I will give that a try later tonight.