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    iTunes rejected

    dpsCygnus Level 1

      I Got the message  in Apple's resolution center:

      "No content appears in your app when launched"


      Does anybody have an idea what whent wrong?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Is this a multifolio app? Did you add free content and publish it so that it could be reviewed?




          An empty viewer app will always be rejected.





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            Johannes Eckert Level 4

            Did you made a multi folio viewer without demo content?


            (mobil gesendet)

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              dpsCygnus Level 1

              Yes there was a cover and three stories, just like I've done a dozen times before.


              I think it has something to do with provisioning.


              The ID I was using had supposedly been provisioned under the old system where you first went to Acrobat.com and made an ID, then submitted it to O'Brien et al for provisioning.


              When I originally went to publish I got a message that the ID was not provisioned.


              So I logged out and back in as administrator so I could access the new "Account Administration" feature on the dashboard.

              It took 2 tries, but I got it set-up so that the Viewer Builder allowed me to publish by logging back out and logging in with the (now) provisioned ID.


              I am going to try it again with a brand-new ID.


              I'll let you all know if that fixes it.

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                ktukker1 Adobe Employee



                Did you test the developer app before you submitted the distribution version to apple? Viewer Builder will tell you if an account has not been set up as application account. Also the developer app should show the folio once it is published....


                With kind regards,


                Klaasjan Tukker

                Adobe Systems

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                  I have published my folios but I am unable to see when I test the custom viewer. Viewer is empty. What am I doing wrong? I did publish under my original Adobe ID before I had to set up my publication Adobe ID. But I did use the account admin to give the new ID permissions. Should I republish under the new ID???

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                    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                    Yes, you must publish with the new ID. Only the folios published with the application ID will show up in the viewer application.