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    Flash too fast


      Hello everyone, new guy here, im also failry new to flash. Im using Flash MX and Dreamweaver CS5. Ive been making some flash with a moving truck and through the last couple days and i add it to my site and upload it and it has been working well. Then yesterday i made some changes to the file and added it to dreamweaver and uploaded and the then the first 20 or so frames run really fast and then the thing calms down. This is being viewed in internet explorer 9 win 7. So i tried it in firefox, and it works normal, so then i tried it in internet explorer 9 on vista and it works fine. I even had someone else try it on their win 7 IE9 and it does the same thing. This all the sudden happened yesterday afternoon.


      Now if i publish preview from flash it plays fine, or if i just open the file from the folder its in it plays fine.


      Here is the link to my test page,




      see the banner where the truck scrolls across the screen, the truck moves very fast, then the flash slows down to normal speed.


      My FPS is 12 and that tween of the truck going left to right should cover about 1.8 seconds per the timeline in flash. THe whole flash should be about 14.3 seconds. Its like it gets revved up and flies throught th first 2-3 seconds.


      The second flash file on the page the square block that rotates pictures is set to flip every 5.8 seconds and does so normally.


      Thanks for the help guys.

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          nocturnal YL Level 1

          Sounds to me that the problem isn't about the Flash animation. It should be something wrong with your computer instead.

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            Remember, Internet Explorer uses a completely different flash (activeX) plugin then every other browser. Try hitting up adobe.com in IE9 and grabbing the latest player.

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              xjcamaro89 Level 1

              Thats what i figured but it just seemed weird that it worked one day then later that day it started acting up. Ive downloaded the new flash player and installed it several times. Im not sure what the deal is. I dont have anything "wrong" with my computer. I behind a corporate firewall, running a brand new (1 week old) win 7 laptop, and the latest Norton Corporate antivirus.

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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                Disable Norton for a sec and try the site. Perhaps when Norton sees the activeX being instantiated it quickly scans it.


                Otherwise there's a Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller here:



                Should get rid of any gremlins that might be plaguing IE's flash plugin.

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                  xjcamaro89 Level 1

                  I actually completely unistalled norton just to try it, still the same fast effect. I then used that flash unistaller and reinstalled, still the same.

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                    sinious Most Valuable Participant

                    I'm in Win7 Pro 64bit using IE 9.0.8112.16421 with flash, realized it was a version increment old and updated to It runs absolutely identical in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera.


                    I think it's just your system. BTW you might want to increase the frame rate to like 30 and make the truck animation move smoother. You'll need to add more frames to slow it back down but it looks like you're running it at 12fps and basically blinks across the screen.

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                      xjcamaro89 Level 1

                      Thats weird because everyone else in our office that i have hit that test page gets the same results, when they are running  win 7, ie9.  I wondering if its something with our network, like something in the firewall, im going to try with my aircard and check it out.



                      So i just accessed the internet with my aircard, completely seperate from our corporate network. The truck still flys across the screen way tooo fast. But again, if i open it in firefox it runs normal like it should. Im out of ideas. Im going to try recreating it from scratch nd see if i messed something up in the file.

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                        sinious Most Valuable Participant

                        Just a quick proof, this is recorded (only at 15fps) showing the animation on my side in Chrome and IE9. I show you the versions in the video.


                        The delay between them is obviously me alt+tabbing to the other browser and refreshing but you get the idea.. They look identical. I think the problem is on your side.




                        That's on a 3 year old dual quad xeon with an old radeon HD 4870. Your laptop is probably faster..

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                          xjcamaro89 Level 1

                          Ya, it looks fine there. Here is a shot of what i see, the truck flys across the screen.




                          This is what everyone on our network running win7 ie9 sees, but if i run firefox its fine, or vista and ie9 is fine. I also get the same result when i use my verizon aircard to connect to the internet.


                          I guess if i know its fine on computers outside of here then i wont worry about it, it just seems weird that the day i created it, it worked just like you see it in the morning and then in the afternoon it started running crazy.

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                            sinious Most Valuable Participant

                            Same speed out here on 6 different rigs in 2 locations all of varying hardware and age. I wouldn't worry about it, although it would bother me too . I'd look for any system outside your network just to verify it looks fine. I definitely see in your video what you're talking about though. Looks like flash is trying to catch up with soemthing, but I don't see why a firewall would do that.


                            Easiest thing to do is make a new animation of a shape animating across the screen over a few seconds and see if the issue repeats. If it does, don't worry about it. It's something on your network or local computers. If you put up a public link to that test I'll be happy to verify it works.

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                              xjcamaro89 Level 1

                              Thanks, Its just bugs me. Here is a kicker though, when i do publish preview in HTML, it opens in IE9 and plays perfect! hahaha! Could there be something on my webserver? i use yahoo.

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                                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                I would try making the small animation like I said. Just draw a circle, convert to a movieclip, animate it over a few seconds just moving like the truck does, export and upload. It should be like a 5k SWF file, certainly not hard to load. If it plays smooth, something is intercepting the larger SWF.


                                And yes, it's a good indication the network is involved if locally it plays fine. Are you preloading? Even on small SWFs you should always preload and never begin animating until it's all loaded.

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                                  xjcamaro89 Level 1

                                  I am not preloading, im failry new to flash and have not got that far yet, i did wonder about preloading though. But couldnt really figure it out. whats a easy way to do it?

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                                    sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                    It's what you'd call a stub. It's a tiny file who's sole job is to load other larger assets and provide some kind of assets so the user gets instant feedback.


                                    Before getting into any of the progress/visuals/etc part of it just make a new AS3 document and on frame 1 of the timeline put this:


                                    import flash.display.Loader;

                                    import flash.net.URLRequest;


                                    var myLoader:Loader = new Loader();


                                    myLoader.load(new URLRequest("filename.swf")); // change to your SWFs filename


                                    This won't show any progress or do anything other than not show anything until the SWF is finished loading. You put this SWF in the same folder with your other SWF (change filename.swf as needed). If it helps then you have an odd preloading issue in IE.


                                    Now on your webpage instead of loading filename.swf you load this new SWF instead, which will in turn preload and then display your other SWF only when it's fully loaded.

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                                      xjcamaro89 Level 1

                                      When you say AS3 you mean auction script right, my flash is in action script 2, cause im running flash MX.


                                      So i would make this file, and i can call is "loader.swf" if i wanted and instead of placing the actual flash movie in the webpage in dreamweaver, place the "loader.swf" file in its place and it will pre load and then play it?

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                                        sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                        Oy.. AS2? MX? Ouch. Ummm...


                                        It's been a while but at least you can do this without needing a separate file. You'll need 2 empty frames for this dinosaur loading technique. Again I'm going to go with the simple, no progress showing route but, on the first frame of your document try this (if I remember AS2 hehe):


                                        on frame 1:




                                        on frame 2:


                                        if (_framesloaded < _totalframes) { gotoAndPlay(1); }


                                        That'll just sit there and tennis ball between frame 1 and frame 2 until all frames are loaded. Here's the as2 doc page on it with basically the same example (but shows percentage too):



                                        The simple idea is that the script will prevent the playhead from passing frame 2 until all frames have been loaded. If they're not it tells it to gotoAndPlay(1);.

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                                          xjcamaro89 Level 1

                                          Hey sorry it took so long to get back to you, that loader worked! I added those two frames and put that code in and uploaded it to the server and it worked! Thanks alot, i knew it had to be something that could be fixed easily. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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                                            sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                            Most welcome. Please mark the thread as answered so us forum junkies can filter unanswered Good luck!

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                                              xjcamaro89 Level 1

                                              when doing a flash like this, the way i created it was just with a bunch of layers, i didnt create any movie buttons. I really couldnt figure out how to go about it the right way, so i basically have a layer for each object you see on that screen. There isnt any user interaction its just for looks. Is that ok, or should i be doing it a different way. I played around with placing each image on the stage and converting it to a movie clip and then making the tweens within the movie clip, but i couldnt get the thing to run. I guess i really didnt know how to call upon each movie clip in order.

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                                                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                                Keeping things on separate layers is perfectly fine. Preloading is an extremely common thing in Flash. I'm sure you've seen more than your share of preloaders that fill a progress bar or mention a loading percent. In your case I don't believe you need to do that because it is a very small file. Making sure it's loaded before it plays, like that script will do, will just make it perfect. I'd leave it just how it is.


                                                In the future, definitely check out AS3. Things get much smoother and overall it's much easier to work with.

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                                                  xjcamaro89 Level 1

                                                  Great! Thank you so much. I will definately check out AS3. I just happened to have a old Macromedia Studio MX laying around and i thought i would give it a whirl and try some flash. If it becomes a regular program im start using i will definately think about a upgrade!

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                                                    sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                                    You're welcome and good luck!