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    Adobe CS6 file associations are all messed up


      Many of CS6 file association extensions wont open;

      After installing CS6 many of the previous extensions .psd .prproj .ai, I found broken and Windows 7 (64bit) would ask what program to open it with.

      It would not give me the option to chose the obvious. So, I selected Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations and select Photoshop cs6 .exe and it would not assign it.

      Same with several other files.

      Even files I made fresh from CS6 photoshop(64) it wont select or give option to open with the program it was made with. I have to open the program first and select the file from inside the program.

      Now Adobe Bridge CS6 shows all the files with a visual preview but when I select the file it says "windows cannot find 'C:\program file\adobe\adobe cs5 (64 bit)\photoshop.exe' make sure you typed the name correctly, then try again.


      Somehow I have to unlink the old extensions because cs5 is gone but I can't seem to change the associations until whatever residual cs5 registry ghost still lives in my machine.


      I have googled the problem and a lot of people are having this problem but no real fixes seem apparent or they are insanely drastic like wiping the whole drive and re-installing windows.


      I see that this has happened before with other upgrades on the forums i.e. cs4 to cs5 years back.


      This is my 6th upgrade and I gave adobe thousands and thousands of dollars and why is this problem not getting addressed when other been complaining about years ago and still not a viable solution is given.