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    Swf export into After Effects

    macampbell_09 Newcomer

      Not sure whether this is a Flash issue or some thing that can be solved in after effects so I will start with Flash.


      I made a swf animation and I imported it into after effects. The problem is that part of it is not visible in AE.


      In the Swf I have on the root timeline a movie clip. Inside the mc I have 4 layers. One is a Mask layer that is masking the layer underneath. The masked layer is animted to reveal notes as the animation progresses, however, the the objects on that are being masked is not showing up in after effects. They work fine when I vew the .swf file in Flash player. Does After Effects not like mask layers from Flash?


      I also tried exporting a quicktime movie, but it gives me wierd artifacts.


      Here is the quicktime file with the artifacts. http://s713.photobucket.com/albums/ww137/macjsus/?action=view&current=CallingToTheNight_Ki netic.mp4


      I am using Flash and After Effects CS5.

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          sinious Ninja

          Some of what I see there seems like distant keyframing issues but I'm presuming you're saying you're using a gradient mask and it's not working? I see your notes appearing and a very rapid wipe effect revealing them. They don't appear to blink on so I think you were just expecting a gradient-esque mask?


          Personally I would have done this in After Effects rather than Flash in the first place but that aside


          If you are using mask gradients are you using the actionscript method of applying the mask so the gradient works? Exported movies (Flash File->Export Movie) doesn't utilize actionscript so that would explain that. However it not working in After Effects is probably a byproduct of the same thing. After Effects probably cannot parse ActionScript to make a proper gradient mask work.

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            macampbell_09 Newcomer

            The mask im using is a solid color. So I dont understand ywhat your saying about gradient mask. But if I am understanding correctly I have to use an action scriipt mask to make this work? Why is that my mask is on the main timeline, I figured it would animate as usual.


            Here is the Swf File: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/135/e/f/swf_malfunction_by_macjsus-d4zvsns.swf

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              sinious Ninja

              Ok if you don't know about gradient masks lets just ignore that. Your video looks just like the SWF only there's video artifacts. Are they what you're referring to? The trail of video being left behind and not updated? That's just standard video artifacting that's only being cleaned up every keyframe.


              What exaclty are you experiencing in After Effects? Are you importing the SWF into After Effects or are you exporting a movie from Flash and are importing that?

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                macampbell_09 Newcomer

                When I import the SWF into after effects there are no notes, just the staff. I figured it has something to do ith the mask since the notes layer is the only one being masked.

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                  sinious Ninja

                  I can verify the mask doesn't import into After Effects. I tried masking text, a shape and a bitmap. I applied the mask with and without actionscript. The text was never revealed but it knew the correct amount of frames in the SWF.


                  I would recommend exporting a video from flash and reimporting the video into After Effects.

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                    macampbell_09 Newcomer

                    I tried that and that is where the crappy video form above came from, do you know any fixes for the deterioration going on the above video?

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                      sinious Ninja

                      Set your video to export to Quicktime Animation at Best quality. Import that into AE and it should be perfect. It is a lossless codec, although the filesize will be large.





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                        macampbell_09 Newcomer

                        Those were the exact settings that gave me the previous results. How about this, before I goto to file >export is there anything that I should have selected?


                        Also what about the previous window before that one?


                        One of these windows:


                        Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 4.58.49 PM.png


                        Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 4.59.50 PM.png


                        Should these setting stay as they are?

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                          sinious Ninja

                          If there is no transparency you can try changing the Depth to Millions of Colors (without the +, which is alpha). Otherwise you might want to right-click on the video in AE and select Interperet Footage->Main (or hit CMD+ALT+G) and set the Alpha setting at the top to Ignore.

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                            macampbell_09 Newcomer

                            I tried the ignore mask in After Effects already, that didn't change anything. Also I just changed Millions of Colors+ to Millions of Colors, and that didnt do anytihng either.


                            Thanks for your help but I guess I maybe stuck doing the whole thing in Flash (or transferring all the graphics to After Effects).

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                              sinious Ninja

                              Perhaps my more advanced encoders can help you. They're not Adobe but if you send me the FLA I can export it and try using them to give you something back you can use. Just shoot me a link to a FLA to export for you in here or private message.

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                                macampbell_09 Newcomer

                                Here is a link to my .fla file


                                Download FileZIP download, 4.1 MB

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                                  sinious Ninja

                                  Here's the Quicktime Animation output with transparency (although remember, extremely thin lines don't do so well in low resolution:


                                  Animation Millions+ Encoding


                                  And here's an example showing the transparency works, not artifacting in either (using a forum screenshot underneith):


                                  Overlay Example


                                  I did forget to mention on that first dialog to check of to ignore the background color (produce an alpha channel). You can see it in your example images.

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                                    macampbell_09 Newcomer

                                    Wow Thanks, How exaclty did you get it to work?

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                                      sinious Ninja

                                      Nothing special actually. I'm not even at work at the moment, I did it at home using just Flash and AE. I exported using the very same settings depicted in the photos above, besides checking off to allow alpha.


                                      I'm very familiar with that artifacting. A site like vimeo, youtube, etc will always use a very far apart keyframe to reduce the filesize, so I assumed originally vimeo was the culprit and not Flash.


                                      This is just a file->export->movie to Quicktime Animation, Millions+ colors with Alpha checked off at best quality. Exactly like the pic.


                                      Perhaps you have something else installed that is interfereing with your video overlay like ffdshow can intercept video? Check you add/remove programs for ffdshow. Libs like that which are safe and very common can sometimes intercept video overlays.


                                      Glad you got what you needed and you're welcome.

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                                        macampbell_09 Newcomer

                                        When you are talking about the artifacting being the result fo compression on vimeo and youtube, you kind of lost me since it was doing this on my comp. I think I got it now. I looked up ffdshow, I dont think I have it since most of the hits on google are for PC and have a Mac. Im guess there is something else interupting my video so maybe I need to goto apple forums.


                                        Thanks for the help. 

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                                          sinious Ninja

                                          I meant when you upload your video to a video service such as youtube/etc it can recompress your video and create those artifacts. You're saying Flash itself is exporting those artifacts though. Very odd considering Quicktime is an Apple product and I'm exporting it without issues on Windows .


                                          It just may be Flash. You can always try another codec. I'd be irritated if the most universal lossless Apple Quicktime Animation didn't export correctly on a Mac . It'd be less weird if the issue persisted across multiple formats (mpeg4/h264/animation/etc). Then it's just a Flash issue to me.


                                          Anyhow you're welcome and good luck!