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    Print Booklet - OS X - PS to PDF with Preview, and a mysterious line?




      I'm preparing something for print, and I've run into a couple of questions I'd love some advice on.


      1. The printshop wants the A5 booklet as a A4+bleed PDF, so I'm producing 'Print Booklet' to a Postscript with the PDF PPD and using Apple's Preview to convert to PDF. Is Preview's conversion going to cause me any problems, for example any unwanted compression/other unpleasant surprises?
      2. Upon conversion Preview is showing a hairline white gap between the now combined first and last page (see image below). In the original document the purple-ness extends beyond the 3mm bleed on the respective edge of both pages. I was wondering if anyone might have an idea why this would be the case?

      Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 22.18.03.png

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          Peter Spier Legend

          The best thing you can do is run away from this printer as fast as you can and hire someone who can impose your pages for you, but I suspect you won't do that.


          Print booklet should allow you to Print to Postscript File using the Acrobat 9 PPD ( you may have to download it) and then you should use DISTILLER to make the PDF. See InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Acrobat’s Adobe PDF Printer Replaced in Snow Leopard

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            Davyne B

            Hi, Your problem may be the creep setting. Set it to 0.  Also, I often encounter white hairlines (object boxes)  that come & go depending on the zoom setting. I've learned to trust they do not print at the print shop.


            I have a questions to add to this.....

            I just upgraded from SC2 to SC6 and swtiched from PC to Mac OS Lion (10.7). I'm having trouble with print booklet settings - I'd like to set to device independent, but it  won't seem to output on anything other than letter size; the settings to change paper size on device independent is greyed out). It will only print on letter size, meaning I only get the even pages of the booklet spreads. I too am a control freak and like to make sure everything is lined up perfectly before sending off to printer. I can get it to work if I use my home printer ppd (whimpy inkjet), but feel uncomfortable having it be dependent on that ppd as opposed to the professional printer ppd.


            Our former printer imposed the pages from a pdf file... but our current printer wants it in booklet.


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              Speaking of the creep setting, where can i find that in InDesign CS5? I'm having a huge problem with my printer and that every right hand page after the centerfold is almost getting cut off, its too close to the spine and they insist that this is my problem. im pretty sure when its 16 signatures, 46-52 pages, 80lb weight that the creep is usually taken care of by the actual printer, by the press operator. I do not know everything but i know the creep will either effect the inner or outer part of the book. That does confuse me trying to figure out inner and outer. Is the right hand pages (only) and only after the centerfold, is that even one of the two options of inner or outer? I am almost thinking the printer just has it out for me, considering the proofs never look that way but they print that way and then they dont care to discuss it, if they see it happening they obviously just let it continue printing and printed 600 books that way. Most frustrating part is that they say this is on me but dont tell me what it might be. Peter i know you're the person to ask. I read these post alot just to learn from them. so teach me, please. Once i know the problem i can fix it.  Thank you


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                Peter Spier Legend

                Just right-hand pages too close to the spine, or are you seeing left-hand pages too far from the spine and trimmed too close to the page edge? About the only thing I can think of is the front-to-back registration is off, and that's not something you can fix in a file. Is this digital or offset printing? Poor front-to-back or sheet-to-sheet registration is a hallmark of many digital print systems, but if it's happening on press it's because the pressman is lazy, drunk or doesn't know his job.


                As far as setting creep, that's the responsibility of whomever is doing the imposition. If this printer is asking you to impose, already you have a clue that the he can't handle the work, and I'd find someone else if possible, but if you must stay where you are and supply imposed spreads, you'll find the creep settings in the Print Booklet dialog.

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                  lmacaluso9 Newcomer

                  yes it is just the right hand pages that are too close to the spine and the left hand pages are right where they are suppose to be. So I guess it is not the creep. They did finally email me back telling me i do not have to worry about the creep. I told them i didn't think so but something had to be done and i din't know what else it could be. What i did do to that project was i broke away the pages from the spread. i dont even know if that makes sense, due to using single faced spread.it is a digital printer, i still think she is lazy and drunk. lol. So i guess next i would say is it the front to back or sheet to sheet registration... I dont know what that, and i guess i wouldnt sonsidering its nothing that i can fix. I the book i broke apart came back ok and that just really confuses me because i am not exactly even comfortable with doing that every time to all those pages. any advice from here on out would be appreciated. This is my first time actually getting into a conversation in the forum, so if i should have started a new thread i apologize.  thank you for your advice!!!

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                    Peter Spier Legend

                    Take a ruler and check to see if perhaps things were scaled when printing from Acrobat...