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    Ghosting in InCopy

    Mary Endres

      Our magazine uses InDesign CS5 and InCopy CS5 for our production workflow. I package the InCopy assignments, post them on our ftp server for our senior editor to download. We live across the country from each other. Our senior editor often has text wrap issues in InCopy, as shown in screen shot below, that do not occur in InDesign. These mostly happen around a text wrap that has been customized. It makes it nearly impossible for him to edit the text since it doesn't flow correctly around the illustration and often causes the line count to be incorrect.

      Picture 13.png

      The other problem he has had is with master page items ghosting on pages where those master pages are not even applied. The Sailboats 101, shown below, is a master page element that is actually applied to the page before this one in the InDesign document. But it doesn't show up in InDesign at all. Since this text doesn't need to be edited, it doesn't cause a problem in that respect, but it is extremely annoying and raises many questions about what is really showing up on the page.

      Picture 7.png


      Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?