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    Constantly freezing/crashing...All of a sudden


      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      Nvidia GeForce GTS 250

      Latest Flash player.


      The other day, I was promted by Adobe to upgrade my flash player. After that, llife has been hell.

      It crashes every single time in Firefox or any browser. Honestly, I have tried everything. I installed/uninstalled different versions. I also play League of Legends which uses Adobe Air but for some reason I can't uninstall/re install Air.


      However, somehow yesterday it all started working properly again. I could launch League of legends with no problems and flash player did not crash any more!

      But here I am today, after rebooting my PC from yesterday, everything is wrong again...Tried install and reinstall but i'm still screwed.


      Here you can see some of the screen captures:


      Sin título2.png

      This is right after installing flash for the 543269th time. Firefox crashes and I get the "Plugin Container for Firefox.exe" in the task manager. The only way I can re-gain control of the browser is by killing this process, and then this happens:


      Sin título3.png





      Or this... (In spanish but I suppose you can understand...)


      Sin título.png


      Here is the process i'm talking about.

      Sin título1.png


      I updated my GPU drivers, installed java, flash for IE (Activex) and even old flash versions. But I am still with problems.


      Hope you can help me