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    CS6 Much Slower than CS5.5

    genefama Level 1

      I installed Premiere Pro CS6 for Mac and moved an existing project from CS5.5.  The clips are all After Effects compositions, some with elaborate effects. I imported them into AE6 from AE5.5 prior to bringing them into CS6 so they would interact between AE6 with PP6 via Dynamic Link.


      CS6 is painfully slow on my machine. Even just dragging a clip from the Project window to the timeline results in a spinning beachball that stays on screen for over a minute before allowing me to position the clip. Playing the timeline also takes forever. Rendering the work area is slow too -- and that's when it works. Some clips render for a while and then crash out with an "unknown" compiling error.


      I'm running a Mac Pro from 2011, 6 Core, 32 GB RAM, stock ATI Radeon card, Raid-0 across 3 2TB 7200 RPM drives and a solid state 200MB drive for software and some scratch files. Latest versions of both OSX and Premiere Pro.


      The reason I upgraded to CS6 was to gain speed. So far CS5.5, set up in pretty much in identical fashion, was way faster and less problematic.


      Can anyone offer advice?  I've scoured this forum and the web and have come up empty.





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          StevRo Level 2

          genefama try turning off your cache in AE's preferences, it won't fix the dropped frames but playback w/i PPro will be more tolerable.


          I am experiencing the same problem on my Win7 machine.  It appears that when the cache is enabled in AE, that AE task kicked off by PPro will always re-renders the files during each playback even if nothing had changed.  From the perf monitor in windows it doesn't like the cache in AE is even being looked as I see constant disk writes to the cache directories each time I do a play in PPro.




          with cache enabled in preferences in AE and dropped frames indicator enabled in the Program Monitor.


          create PPro project.

          import AE comp,

          place AE comp on timeline.

          press play button on program monitor.

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            genefama Level 1



            Thanks for the response, that feels like what might be happening. I'll test it. 


            I couldn't follow the "repro" part of your note and everything after it. Did you add it so that people can reproduce the problem? Also, I should point out that this happens whether or not After Effects is open. I often close AE when working in Premiere Pro, and the same slowness occurs.


            If the cache in After Effects is the problem and it didn't occur in CS5.5, this would seem like something Adobe should fix.  I'm still wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong though (like maybe an After Effects project needs to be RAM previewed or something like that before being placed into PP?).



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              StevRo Level 2



              re repro:  Yes.


              re cache:  agree.


              I don't believe you are doing anything wrong, I tried doing a ram preview within after effects on the comp I mentioned in the repro steps and it didn't seem to make any difference, it still continued to re-render the frame despite showing a green cache bar in After Effects..

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                genefama Level 1

                Thanks StevRo,  While we were chatting, Premiere Pro CS6 took 2 1/2 hours to render half of a 112-frame clip.  It's predicting another 2 1/2 hours to finish, but dimes-to-dollars it'll run into a compile error first.  Maybe I need to change my media and/or memory preferences.  Or go back to CS5.5. 

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                  Yeah, I'm having the exact same problem with Premiere CS6. Playback from the timeline is SO much slower and choppy-er than it used to be in CS5.5 running on the same machine. After using CS6 for one morning I had to switch back to CS5.5. Huge disappointment.


                  Just for reference I'm on a 2012 Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM, 2.4GHz quad-core Intel i7, AMD Radeon HD 6770M, Lion OS 10.7.4.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    So far, I'm seeing CS6 as noticeably faster with most things.  The one thing I've found where it's slower is using AVCHD spanned clips.  (Adobe is aware of that and working on it.)

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                      genefama Level 1



                      How does your system differ from mine?  Is it a Mac Pro?  Do you have a CUDA-enabled card?  SSD?





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                        I am using AE CS6 and am trying to do a simple animation using 4 different PNG files that are approximately 720p. It is horrendously slow for some reason. Every time I modify ANYTHING I have a painfully slow render process. The only time it does a reasonably fast RAM preview is if I set it to "fast preview" mode. My computer is an iMac, 16gb of RAM, 3.4GHz Core i7, with the AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB graphics card. I saved it out as a CS5.5 file to see if it works better on the old version and it does... Is there some bug or setting that Im missing? CS6 is obviously a pretty expensive investment and its currently unusable. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          Is it a Mac Pro?


                          God, no.  Windows 7 baby!


                          Yes to CUDA, no to SSD.

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                            genefama Level 1



                            I'm happy for you! Now, is there anybody who can help the rest of us to have an experience more like Jim's?



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                              genefama Level 1



                              Yes, others are experiencing it,  Hence the thread.



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                                Elijahvictorious Level 1

                                Genefama, I guess I already knew people were experiencing this issue. I did read the previous statements on the thread. Just a mindless outro to my rant.

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                                  genefama Level 1



                                  No problem. Maybe Adobe will answer if it doesn't look like I'm alone.



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                                    Jeff Bellune Level 6



                                    Please post AE issues in the AE forum.



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                                      genefama Level 1



                                      Elijah's point seems relevant to this discussion because it shows that the problem isn't isolated to one component of CS6.  It also might be relevant for the reasons StevRo discusses above. The products are supposed to be integrated, right?  Plus, I doubt that Adobe wants threads like this popping up on all its forums but that's a different matter.



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                                        voxL Level 1

                                        I needed to add a small edit to a recent project, and I like to work w/the latest, so I imported a CS5.5 project into CS6 to check it out (FileA).

                                        Premiere Pro CS6 playback was much worse than CS5.5.

                                        Win7Pro x64, i7 12 core processor, 24 GB


                                        Just for yucks I tried this twice, both times starting with my CS5.5 file.  The second time I transferred all the files to an SSD drive and opened the CS5.5 file in CS6 without making any edits.  Playback seemed to have improved significantly.  However, when I open FileA from the SSD drive, playback is still very bad.


                                        FWIW, When I playback the rendered video in the VLC player, there are audio dropouts.  This doesn't occur in QT or WMP, but it didn't occur in files saved from CS5.5 and played in VLC.  I noticed further that when I set the min/max bitrate to 6 Mbps, the final mp4 is at 6Mbps, where in CS5.5 it was generally around 4Mbps (accuracy is a good thing).  I'm using same settings as I used in 5.5 except that in CS6 audio output panel, 'Frequency' is called 'Sample Rate'.



                                        How did you save as CS5.5?

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                                          Elijahvictorious Level 1

                                          I simply went to file/ save as/ save as cs5.5 copy. Im not sure if this can be done in Premiere as I was in After Effects but I would imagine that they would put the same function there.

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                                            voxL Level 1

                                            No, they don't have it in PPro.


                                            I have to edit my post:

                                            I realized that after transferring my project to my SSD drive, all the files were still pointing to my SATA drive.  After forcing PPro to replace the files with the copies on the SSD drive, playback is fine.

                                            Sorry about that...

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                                              StevRo Level 2



                                              Thought I would pass this along as it might help with your scenario.  I installed the 6.0.1 patches for PPro & AE and it looks like some of the re-rendering issues were addressed.  I noticed when I updated the comps from 5.1 -> 6.0 and reimported them back to Premiere Pro, the comps weren't being re-rendered everytime with each playback.  Hope it helps.

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                                                I found Premiere Pro CS6 to be SUPER slow, I had a few clips of video totaling less than 6 minutes, using all default settings, a "render entire workarea" claimed to take several hours (estimated time left) and after more than 1 hour, it hung!

                                                while doing the same files on CS 5.5 took about 1 minute! What's going on? this is not using AE or anything else, just video clips from a camera. Very disappointed.

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                                                  genefama Level 1

                                                  Thanks StevRo,


                                                  I imported the clips into AE CS6 before and after the patch. It's true the project seemed to work and render better when reconstructed as a new project in the patched version, and with no audio. But this is a painstaking process and error prone as my clip lengths don't match my audio and are hard to reconstruct.  And even then, when a render gets interrupted or some other innocuous thing happens, my clips will drop offline. Then when I re-open the project, they reappear, but clips that previously went through slow "render work area" processes and were green will show as red, unrendered. Other clips will show as offline and will need to be relinked.  When they are, they knock the successfully-linked clips offline.  It's like a Rubik's cube. It seems like it has to do with Dynamic Link.


                                                  Whatever the cause, it's a time-suck.



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                                                    MacBook Pro 17 - Early 2011 - Premiere Pro hardware rendering is broken/too slow.  Software rendering works much better, but shouldn't be the case.  Just tossing in my support for a problem.

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                                                      viva_la_zoom Level 1

                                                      +1000 on the CS6 dissapointment list!! I find CS6 a pain to work with so far.


                                                      Scrubbing is way slower - up to the point where i have one project that i created in CS5.5 than wont scrub at all. it even take 20-30 seconds to show a frame preview on screen.

                                                      Another v annoying problem --> when playing the timeline  for some reason the sound stops playing for a few seconds and back to play and stop again- this is such frustrating problem!!!! it ocurrs regardless of the timeline been rendered or not. do i need a sound card instead of the on-board?

                                                      Also, when playing timeline the image stuters for a few frames...it's almost as if it was repeating the same frame a few times before continuing.


                                                      Any tips or hints before i go back to CS5.5??


                                                      My specs:


                                                      i7 980X W7 64 pro

                                                      12Gb RAM DDR3

                                                      GTX 480

                                                      SSD 120gb



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                                                        I have a 25.GHz Core i7 MBP late 2011 with latest OSX and 16GB of RAM.


                                                        Just bought CS6 expecting more after a glorious year of using CS5.5.


                                                        I HATE IT. Have had all of the problems listed above and more. With the program monitor choppiness, I actually have to quit out of the program and re-open to get it to resume normal playback. I am mostly working with 7D and HVX video files which I have never had any problems with in 5.5.


                                                        Other weird things that happen are in the project window. When I try to create a new bin I get the beach ball for 30 seconds to a minute. When I try to move clips from one bin to another, more beach ball.


                                                        When I quit the software, it closes the window and then hangs, forcing me to force-quit to close out.


                                                        What's the deal? My MBP is a beast and has no problems running the ENTIRE 5.5 creative suite all at once with minimal lag. I do particle effects in AE5.5 and preview playback at 1/2 resolution at almost full speed...


                                                        So why is Premiere CS6 sucking so badly? Honestly other than the Warp Stabilizer plug-in (which is AMAZING), there's no reason for me to use it. I'm switching back to 5.5 until Adobe can work these things out and I am lamenting it's suckiness to everyone who asks.

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                                                          Hey Guys,


                                                          My friend figured this out. The slowness has to do with the new "OpenCL" operation. I am not super techy, but thats whats slowing it down.


                                                          Go to Premiere: Project> Project Settings> General > Video Rendering and Playback and change it from OpenCL to Software Only.


                                                          This should fix the lagging you seem to be getting. Let me know if this fixes most peoples problems.


                                                          Hope it helps!

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                                                            portiaShao Level 1

                                                            Well, I tried the above, my project setting is already "Mercury playback engine software only" and it is grayed out, no changes allowed!

                                                            I am on a Mac Pro with latest OS, 2x2.8GHz quad-core Intel Xeon processors, with 14GB of memory, shouldn't be crawling like a snail doing a rendering of a tiny 5 minute clip. (says it will take 22 minutes!)

                                                            so, not good for solving my problem.

                                                            thanks for trying though.

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                                                              I would like to add to this.  I am a first time user of Adobe products coming from Final Cut Pro 7 on a 2011 Imac with 32GB ram a 3.4Ghz i7  and   AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB.  I have the same issues Everyone else is experiencing.  Particularly when I add after effects projects to my timeline or when I add certain effects to my timeline like magic bullet looks.  Now I would expect some slow down from looks as when I render magic bullet looks in final cut it can take 4 or 5 minutes but with premiere pro it takes 30 minutes.  It's rediculous.  When rendering a 6 minute video with 3 looks effects and 3 ae timelines it takes 4-6 hours to render.  I also get the issues at times with the red wheel when applying major effects and I have to sit and wait or otherwise gt a crash.  There are great features using adobe from final cut but these bugs ruin it for me.  I've now done 12 6 minute videos in premiere and have consistant horrible and unworkable render times.  I'm going back to final cut unless adobe can figure this out.  Rendering a 6 minute mp4 just shouldn't take 4-6 hours no matter what effects you are using.  In final cut it takes 30 minutes.  Adobe, this is embarresing, and I hope to see a fix for all of your users in this thread who are experiencing these things.

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                                                                I have exactly the same problem with Premiere CS6. Has anyone solved it?

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                                                                  Thrill Media Level 2

                                                                  I can't beleive I am saying this but I am actually starting to hate the program. I am a long time user, since 1997 when it was just Premiere 4, way before "CS" and this is the slowest version ever. It is way too sluggish. Unfortunately I upgraded from CS5 because it was supposed to be faster... (I had quoted the ad material but decided not to be a total jerk.)


                                                                  I have the same hardware as CS5 with the same settings and there is no comparison. Unfortunately, I started two of my biggest projects of the year with CS6 and totally regret doing so. I am sure that Adobe will eventually fix this but how long must we suffer?


                                                                  Yes, I filed a bug report. No, I am not trying to start trouble, I just need a speedy functional NLE.

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                                                                    LightPaintingPictures Level 1

                                                                    Im experiencing the exact same issues, slow sluggish, unresponsive, major delay in play back.  And Ive tried this on 3 different mac computers.  1 imac 32 gig ram, another iMac 16gig and a mac book pro 8 gig,  I know its not my computers, because Ive had non of these issues with cs5.5

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                                                                      alexanderschwindt Level 1

                                                                      Hey Everyone - I've written othis forum that I was having similar 'laggy' performance issues when installing CS6 on a 2012 Macbook Pro. After installing it on my personal 2011 Macbook Pro it seems to be working flawlessly. (both machines now have CS5.5 & CS6 running on them)


                                                                      Not sure what's causing the descrepancy, but I'd definitely recommend at least trying a complete re-install...

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                                                                        ebenabbaan Level 1

                                                                        I'm with you.  I just need something that works.  There is a HUGE difference in performance between Bridge 5.1 and Bridge 6.0 (and not in the positive direction we'd hope for).


                                                                        Come onnnnn

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                                                                          ussifer Level 1

                                                                          Hi Jeff where is the AE forum?


                                                                          I really need to know if Adobe is going to do something regarding to the AE CS6  bad and slow performance.



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                                                                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                                            The After Effects CS6 (11.0.2) update was just released. It includes many bug fixes and adds some GPUs to the list of those that can be used for GPU acceleration of ray-traced 3D rendering.


                                                                            Details are here: http://adobe.ly/AE1102


                                                                            Note that there are several fixes in this update to improve memory handling and performance.

                                                                            • 36. Re: CS6 Much Slower than CS5.5
                                                                              Thomas Mikel

                                                                              Did anyone solve this problem on Mac?

                                                                              • 37. Re: CS6 Much Slower than CS5.5
                                                                                Thomas Mikel Level 1

                                                                                SOLVED FOR MAC!!!


                                                                                My ealier OSX was Lion (10.7.x). Now I installed OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.x) and it didnt help at all. Then I uninstalled the adobe programs and reinstalled and it worked like a charm. Rendering is fast, no jittering while playback etc. Just like it should be. Earlier a editing friendly video clip (ProRes) with a title on top of it wouldnt play realy time. Now I have multiple heavy filters on the clip and it plays back real time without any problems. Like I said, just like it should be.

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                                                                                  cornelius_3 Level 1

                                                                                  I have the latest version and the latest MacBook Pro 15" everything maxed out and Premiere still has a lot of issues with importing footage.   It takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to create a new Bin.   That is just stupid, to create a folder it takes a minute but when I hit spacebar video footage plays back immediately?    Buggy at best.


                                                                                  Oh and if I import multiple folders it crashes premiere if there are RAW CR2 images in the folder.  Premiere sucks at indexing.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: CS6 Much Slower than CS5.5
                                                                                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                                    Can everyone with a performance problem try this and see if it works for them too? Thanks!

                                                                                    Thomas Mikel wrote:


                                                                                    SOLVED FOR MAC!!!


                                                                                    My ealier OSX was Lion (10.7.x). Now I installed OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.x) and it didnt help at all. Then I uninstalled the adobe programs and reinstalled and it worked like a charm. Rendering is fast, no jittering while playback etc. Just like it should be. Earlier a editing friendly video clip (ProRes) with a title on top of it wouldnt play realy time. Now I have multiple heavy filters on the clip and it plays back real time without any problems. Like I said, just like it should be.

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