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        johnnyfriday Level 1

        Don't think i don't appreciate your time on this....I'd love to solve it and been at it for a few years now...the big reason for my stock i'm now back in FCP.....just can't get the look to hold over. Works well, but it's also not native.


        I'll be on your site now...much appreciated. and if for any reason you have the magic bullet...fire away.


        *and you were a big help b the way....

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          Mr. Artz

          I'm having  a similar issue: I'm using CS6 on a Mac and would like to output Apple Prores from Premiere Pro. I have Apple Compressor installed and the Codecs appear in /Library/Quicktime. However, I don't have the ProRes option when trying to export. How did you guys fix that? (see attached screen grab)


          Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 11.09.54 AM.png

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            ProRes should come up as a Codec option under the generic QuickTime export.

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              Mr. Artz Level 1

              Thank you Jim, unfortunately it doesn't (see attached screen grab). Apple Intermediate as well as the Avid codecs show up, but not ProRes. Any suggestions?

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                JaysonM-Y Level 3

                Did you ever have Final Cut Studio installed? If not, you would have to install their Pro Apps codec pack somehow. http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1396

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                  Mr. Artz Level 1

                  No, never had FCS installed, but installed Apple Compressor as well as downloaded the ProApps Apple Quicktime codec from their website.


                  It seems some people have been able to output Prores without having to buy Final Cut Pro.

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                    HarleyTDavis Level 2

                    You need to have the export setting installed somewhere in order to use prores.  Open the xport dialogue.  there should be an import button somewhere.  Once that's finished, the program will find the export module associated with the epr file and it should allow you to export.  Personally, I use AME to export... ...I close premiere, open AME and open the sequence from the file menu.  Once that's running in the background, I open premiere and move on (just don't make changes to the sequence).  If you're like me and work one project while another renders out, you'll use this method constant.  Adobe has made the export presets available to you on their website.  Google: Adobe media encoder (use your version-->cc or cs6) presets for Prores 422.  You'll find an adobe listing for your particular version and you can download the pack.  You can use these anywhere... ...You just have to know how to load them.  Import into AME anyway you like.  But for premiere, you could use 2 methods... ...try and import from the export dialogue, which may not work; or find the encoder presets in the apps runtime files (on a mac, it's in the packaging of the .app, so right click it, show package contents, contents folder, settings folder, Encoder Presets-->use a copy\paste to paste the epr files in this folder, do not place them in the sequence preview folder, leave that alone;;;;; on a pc, it will be in the program files, under the premiere folder, in a similar structure... ...possibly even named the same.  If you have the qt components for prores installed on your pc somewhere, it will find them).

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                      I am having the same issue, but under Video Codec all I see is this.screenshotissue.png

                      There are no Apple codecs!


                      I just want to rerender a .mp4 4K clip as a ProRes444 .mov 4K clip to hand over to the colorist.  Is there another way?

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                        JaysonM-Y Level 3

                        Of course not... you're on Windows. Go to DNxHD(MXF) or Cineform(MOV) then use ffmpeg or another tool to go to ProRes. What software is the colorist using? It's 2017 and there's support for all kinds of non-apple codecs.

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                          HarleyTDavis Level 2

                          Of course not?  Adobe is now using a modeled pro-res 422 encoder (based on some FFMPEG stuff).  Unfortunately, you usually have to have the quicktime player with the bundles that go with it in order for any of the software to even recognize it.

                          Use the Quicktime preset from the list, then, down below,  you'll see "encoder", select pro-res from that.  You can then set quality, and compression.  However, Pro-res is only a stop-gap format anymore.  A lot of colorists swear by it for moving between systems because they bought quicktime and have the full encoder, with the presets installed.

                          Most colorists are Moving to DNxHD, as it is very close to Pro-Res in color standard and it lacks the overly vibrant or blown out reds.  Cineform is another great alternative, but is primarily for quicktime based edits.  IF you started with an H.264 file in a windows format, you're best off going to DNxHD and handing that in.  You can usually set the extension to MOV on your own afterward, and it should still be read much the same, through the quicktime codecs.


                          There is also an FFMPEG bundle that has a Pro-Res 422 preset that you can target.  However, you will have to look that up, and download the packaging, then run through all the extensive setup for tying it to your encoder list in AME, which should also make it available in other apps (most of them draw on the list from AME).

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                            Hi. I am also having trouble in finding these settings. Is there something that i can do to export it in Apple ProRess 4444 or 422 HQ in 4K? Screenshot 2017-11-27 21.15.28.png

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                              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              You cannot export to Prores on a windows machine. Has to be a Mac.

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