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    accessing a network resource via javascript




      we have been using Adobe Reader for linux provided by the yum repository for quite some time, without major issues. Currently, however, we are seeing a mysterious problem with a PDF form which is designed to exchange data with a local server, using javascript functionality, as far as I can see. On one of our machines (running CentOS 5.8 64-bit) this has stopped working recently, and I cannot figure out why. Clicking the respective field simply has no effect, there is no error message, neither in the Reader window, or on the console, both in normal mode and debug mode. Nothing in the system logs either. The function simply seems to be ignored!


      Some observations which might be helpful:


      1. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Reader package, after clearing all personal preferences, did not have any effect.

      2. Using a fresh version of the PDF form did not solve the problem.

      3. Firewall and SElinux are disabled anyway.

      4. With a "clean" account on the same machine, the same problem occurs.

      5. On a very similar machine (same OS, same Reader version) the operation is working properly!


      So it seems to be something specific to this machine, but not specific to a certain account. It is obviously neither a corrupted Reader installation, nor a problem with this specific reader version, nor a corrupted PDF form. Now I am running out of ideas...


      Any suggestions what else might be preventing network access (via javascript) from functioning properly? Javascript itself is (by default) enabled in the preferences.


      Thanks in advance