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    Text Effects


      I'm an amateur with After Effects. I downloaded the trial to complete a project for my college Media and Animation class. I attempted to use the text effects, but accidentaly saved one of them too my computer. From this point on, whenever I looked under Text Effects it simply has two options, Timecode and Numbers. I attempted to re-install the software, clear and reset default peferences, and delete the saved effect (it wouldn't open if After Effects- it had the wrong extension).  I would really appreciate it if anybody had any idea how to restore the file so I could use the text effects again.

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          What you see is correct - there are only two text "effects". I get the distinct impression you are confusing animation presets which are applied to text layers vs. effects. anaimtion presets are accesible via the effects&presets panle. And since by your own admission you are an amateur, really start here.