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    Serial Number


      I recently bought the Student edition of Adobe Design Standard CS 5.5, which includes Adobe Acrobat Professional. However, every time I try to open that program, it asks me for my serial number. When I type in the serial number I received with my purchase the program states that it is not valid. I am able to use all the other programs included in my purchase.


      I also read that you need a seperate serial number to use with Adobe Acrobat, however, I never received it. How can I get this other serial number?

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          Sabian Zildjian Level 4

          That's not the case with CS5 or CS5.5.  If you installed Acrobat X Pro as part of the Creative Suite installation then it's a Technical Support issue and you should call Adobe about it.  If you installed it separately outside the Creative Suite then you need to go back and install it as part of the Creative Suite.

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            Pipaluk7 Level 1

            Thank you! I had some trouble finding the right number to call in my country but the issue has now been solved. It was that Acrobat automatically adjusts to the language of the computer system and that differed from the language I had purchased Acrobat in.