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    Embedding bookmarked text from Word

    ksoltys Newcomer

      I suspect that I know what the answer to this question is going to be, but ….


      Is it possible to embed bookmarked text from a Word document into a FrameMaker document?


      In a little more detail, I have Word documents that documents have bookmarks defining some text selections. In Word, I can use IncludeText fields to include the content of those bookmarks in other documents as linked text.  I would like to be able to include the bookmarked text in FrameMaker documents as well. Essentially, this does the same thing as including a text inset in FrameMaker.


      I could just copy and paste, but I would much prefer to have the text linked, as it is in Word when I use the IncludeText field.


      Is this possible, and if so, how?




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          Arnis Gubins Ninja



          In short, no. Word's bookmarks are ignored by FM's import filters (Reference is in the FM Filters.pdf manual last updated for FM7.2 in 2005).


          You could possibly create a VBA macro in Word to extract the bookmarked content from the Word file(s) and place those into a MIF formatted file with each bookmarked snippet in a separate flow. Only then, could you import the individual bookmarks (as text insets). Maintenance issues are a consideration and your workflow would have to take into account how you would update the created file with new content and preserve the FM text insets.