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    Any way of launching PS minus the long AAM wait?


      I just set up the Cloud and not exactly thrilled about the long wait to get AAM to launch PS. Also, wasn't this stuff supposed to be in the cloud... if so, why is the installation taking almost 4GB on my HD? I'm lost here, please help!

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Chouichan9a,


          AAM is the installer/updater that works in conjunction with the creative cloud website to install the desktop applications. You only need to go through AAM when installing the programs not when launching them. You do install and run the programs from your computer (not the cloud) still, like previous versions.


          Check these out, they might help


          http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-creative-cloud-/installing-desktop-apps-from-creative-clou d/



          The FAQ has a lot of answers to common questions too



          Hope these help,



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            chouichan9a Level 1

            Thanks David_B. That point had escaped me but I got it now. That was very helpful. However, I'm still confused as to the cloud aspect. If PS alone is taking up nearly 4GB on my drive, what's in the cloud? One of the primary reasons I subscribed was since I'm running an all SSD system and drive space is at a premium. I was expecting to run the app from the cloud, not on my SSD, so I'm a bit confused.

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              You don't run the app from the cloud. The cloud portion is the sharing and collaboration tools as well as the ability to license the software as a monthly subscription.


              The apps are all still installed locally. It would be excruciatingly slow if your machine had to download Photoshop every time you launched it.


              That's quite clear on the Creative Cloud FAQ.

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                chouichan9a Level 1

                Well, that'll teach me to just jump at an offer without looking into it! Any way of installing the apps on anything but the C drive? It's either that or I have to go buy another SSD!

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                  bhatnaga Adobe Employee

                  Well when you launch AAM, in the top left corner, you will see your name with a down arrow tip, click on that and you will see a menu with preferences option. Click on preferences and you can change the install location to any drive. Bear in mind that the installers will temporarily download to your temp folder which is generally your C: unless redirected. Also some required shared components will go on C: only which will take around 1.5 GB of space.




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                    chouichan9a Level 1

                    Thanks! I guess that I'm going SSD shopping since I want to install about half the apps available and that's going to max me out bigtime.

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                      DeepYogurt Level 1

                      I don't know about Windows, but on a Mac using AAM if you specify an alternate location for Acrobat Pro X it does not use it but installs it in the default location - the only app of the 16 that did this. So if space is critical on your C: drive, be careful when installing Acrobat Pro - you might need to abort the installer if it begins to fill your drive up.



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                        DeepYogurt Level 1



                        Is there any way to avoid using AAM? I'm on a Mac and I have a case-sensitive boot volume, and AAM will not install or run on a case-sensitive boot volume. I have a special non-case-sensitive volume that I was gonna install these Adobe Creative Cloud apps onto but can't figure out how to do anything without AAM. I found a web site that describes how to install Adobe apps when the boot volume is a case-sensitive volume but the problem there is there don't seem to be "serial numbers" for these Creative Cloud apps that would allow you to install the regular app downloads with the special Creative Cloud serial numbres/licenses.


                        Does this make sense?


                        Please help if you can - I'm stuck and without a solution I will have to give up and cancel my order.





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                          jbregar Level 1



                          There is no way that I've found to use Creative Cloud without the AAM. There is also no way to get serial numbers that are tied to CC that would allow for the normal installers to work. That said, you might be able to use the trial installers to install and then tie them to Creative Cloud. This is what I did for the week between CS6 going live and CC going live and all of the apps just registered themselves when I ran them after CC went live.


                          For trivia's sake, why run your boot volume case-sensitive? I can't think of a single reason to do so and it causes a lot of headaches for software that expects case-insensitivity on Mac OS X (and that's more than just Adobe stuff).

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                            DeepYogurt Level 1

                            I've can't recall a problem with any other apps on case-sensitive file systems, other than Adobe's, and I've been on Mac's exclusively for 6 years and used many dozen during that time, perhaps in the hundred. Which other apps have problems on case-sensitive volumes that youi know or have heard of?


                            I suppose my preference toward case-sensitive is because of a Unix background and it's always been case-sensitive and I can't think of using a computer without it and besides I enjoy the road less traveled. Could also be the challenge in doing something that people say isn't possible. I enjoy being able to have a files called dung, Dung, DUNG and DunG and have them all mean different things and not having to worry if I create a file that is only a case variation of the one already existing.


                            I've been using CS3 apps on a case sensitive boot volume for several years, but it was an effort to get it working this way at first. But now with the "Creative Cloud"'s AAM getting in the way, it's not quite as straight forward or might not even be possible without being able to bypass it's habit of doing the install as well as the downloads. It won't even install if the boot volume is case-sensitive.


                            In any event thanks for the suggestion about trying the trial installers and tieing them to to CC. I'm not sure what that would involve - do you have any ideas or suggestions of things to try? The thing that comes to mind first is to try and download the trial, install it and then try to run AAM and hope it notices the newly installed app doesn't have a license and then give it one of the "special" cloud licenses that are associated with my Adobe ID. Another idea is to install everything on a different system that has a special case insensitive boot volume and use MigrationAssistant to move the Adobe apps to the volume that is case-sensitive


                            My real hope is that Adobe will someday solve this case-sensitive issue so that people can devote time to solving more important problems, or at least more interesting ones. It's only been going on for about 10 years, so it's not like they've had a lot of time to figure it out ;-) Not hard to figure out why they don't have a UNIX version of their apps.