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    CF Administrator: No images Shown

    Syzzle Inc

      I have a new install of CF 9 (right now as trial version) running on Windows Server 2008, 64 Bit, IIS 7.  Overall the installation is successful and I've updated to 9.01. However, I have a problem with the CF Administrator site that is on the surface annoying and leads to a lack of trust that CF is indeed working properly. When I open the CF Administrator site, it functions be there are no graphics. If you open any graphic, for instance the Adobe ColdFusion Administrator logo, the graphic does not display.


      Opening the graphic URL in a browser yields this error:


      Error Summary

      HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error


      The detailed Config Error message is:  Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'mimeMap' with unique key attribute 'fileExtension' set to '.air'


      I found references to this error on other forums and sites, but none of those threads lead to any solution. I have completely uninstalled CF, re-installed, and removed and even re-insalled ASP.NET v4 (one of the issues mentioned in other threads) to no avail.


      Any ideas or suggestion would be much appreciated.

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          Dave Watts Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have a virtual directory in IIS pointing to the CFIDE folder? Do you have permissions set up properly on this folder?


          This really isn't a CF issue at all. It's all IIS. IIS isn't serving the image. CF has nothing to do with that.


          CF is working properly as long as it's serving CF pages. There are several things that can cause the CF Administrator not to work, but it's just a web application like any other.


          You might want to read the CF 9 Lockdown Guide, which talks about securing the CF Administrator. The reason I mention this here is that it sounds like your CF Administrator shouldn't be able to run at all (based on the virtual directory hunch) so you may be able to glean a bit more about the problem from that.


          Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software



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            Syzzle Inc Level 1

            Hi Dave and thanks for the input. Yes to pretty much all of your answers. Virtual directories are setup, and everything works fine except IIS can't deliver GIF, PNG, and other graphic files. In fact this is setup identically to another existing server, same configuration. I tend to agree it's an IIS issue, except it's only the CF Administrator site, with the same permissions as any other site. Any other normal CF site runs fine.


            Given it's the same setup as another production server, I've tried to copy every setting and every permission possible. Uninstalled and reinstalled everything short of the OS, all to no avail.


            With your feedback I'm going to double down on my focus on permissions. Perhaps it's something so obvious I can't see it..

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              I have a similar issue and removing the .AIR MIME mapping in IIS restored the images.  I don't know what the side effects of removing the MIME may be, but I have my images back.  As a side note, the images worked fine for a couple of years.  Recently they just stopped working and I don't know why.