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    Problem with fonts in Muse on a PC?

    lizre Level 1

      I have created a site in Muse and everything is fine when the file is opened on my mac where it was created. My customer has brought a muse subscription as they wanted to maintain it in house, but they are on a PC. Muse was installed on the PC fine.


      I have now given them the Muse file and it opens up ok in the PC Muse version apart from copy in Myriad Pro Bold (I assume as it's not a standard system font, it uses a substitute). The body copy displays ok as it's just Myriad Pro and that seems to be a system font.


      So, they have purchased Myriad Pro Bold font and installed the font to their fonts library on the PC (WINDOWS 7), but Muse will still not recognise it when the Muse file opens and it also doesn't appear in the systems fonts list in Muse? Does anyone know how to import a font into Muse on a PC so that they can view the site without it using a substitute font for Myriad Pro Bold?