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    Cancel Account Efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      After trying last month to cancel relationship with BC your Customer Service[in the Philippines} said no problem I would not be charged!


      2 weeks go by and now it's been charged...


      Called them back Case # 0183183008 5-15-2012 and after holding for an hour "Rob" said his Dept didn't handle - he gave me Partner Tel#.


      I'm now on the phone again with a nice young lady from CS Philippines and she is trying to cancel and credit back my card. Phone wait now 35 minutes and growing...


      You have a Problem here!  Should this not take place very shortly I will make it GOAL IN LIFE to make Adobe LIFE miserable!


      Fraud, no customer service, no way to cancel, no one to speak with, no follow through, poor communications - that doesn't cover half of what I feel right now for the lousy $38.88 - the trouble is you'll continue to charge me for the rest of my life and others unless I make this an open discussion.


      For those out there who are thinking about Business Catalyst - FORGET IT!




      PS - Look at your catagories below --- where is the box that should say Account Issues?

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What steps did you take to cancel?


          All you had to do was click on the 'Delete Site' link ....


          Screen Shot 2012-05-16 at 9.19.png

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            lokione Level 1

            I did that and got a response back…twice saying error!  I explained that to CS at Adobe…word for word twice.   Now alas I’m getting more finger pointing suggesting that I can’t follow instructions.  As I said it’s NOT about $38 bucks --- it’s about exposing an incomplete system where the process is based on fraud, deception and miscommunications!




            As I said – my credit will come or a higher authority will be called upon.




            Thanks Adobe – I can guarantee you this event is not over.

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              Nikitas Meggos Level 1

              Out of curiousity, did you get this site through a BC partner?

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                lokione Level 1

                No I did not.  I gave BC my credit card believing that they were real.  When I got no confirmation of my tranaction I became suspicious that they were not what they appeared to be.  It was and still is apparent that their lights are on but there’s nobody home.  May I send you what I got twice when I hit the cancel account button?

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                  MagdaN Adobe Employee



                  can you please send me a private message with the details of your account that you are trying to cancel? We do not offer phone support and have nobody working for us in the Phillipines, so I am not sure who you have communicated with so far.

                  Also, if you have an accounts case open it would help to get the number to be able to track it down.


                  Thank you,

                  Magda Neagu

                  Partner Manager

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                    lokione Level 1

                    There are 2 websites which were to be cancelled.  They were tied to 2 email addresses so hopefully you can look at these:




                    1.        lokihome@comcast.net


                    2.       brucec@woodone-us.com




                    When I tried to cancel account(s) your sales staff sent me to a location which the final step was –“click cancel” which I did.  Following that I continued to get emails from you[BC] regarding my sites stats which led me to believe that these sites were never really cancelled and that my 30 day was coming up.




                    That’s when I called the only number available--- Adobe Customer Service.   You must admit normal people would follow that kind of logic.  The frustrations began first with a person I never ask his name or got a case number.  He said all would be cancelled no problem so I went about my business.




                    Then – sure enough I got an email telling me not to worry my credit card would automatically be debited on the 4/12 – everything would be seamless and everything was great,  Well that was a shock so I contacted Adobe again[800-833-6687] and went to the Philippines.  Got a case number 0183183008 Rob and he said I’d received a email within the next few days and everything would be fixed – no debit – account cancelled and sorry for the cornfusion!




                    Credit card got hit on 4/12/2012[Posting date] so I called again – waited 1 hour on the phone then they[Philippines] transferred me to BC where I waited for 30 more minutes.




                    Temperature at this stage was above boiling – way beyond the $38.88.




                    Attached[pdf] was what I got both times when your sales staff pointed me to a site…..I told this to the Philippines but  I guess your right Adobe – Customer Service is NOT the same.  Business Catalyst CS is run by Sales[huge mistake].




                    This whole ordeal is out-of-control and for the life of me I really can’t believe the amount of time I’ve spent on this.  Just look at the issues your having with a search in Google is enough for you to take a few steps back and analyze your process.  While I’m not trying to tell you how to run your business there’s an old saying –“the customer is always right” and when you believe that is not the truth just analyze why potential old clients don’t returned.




                    I’ll be curious to see if this email even gets sent or accepted through your server.




                    Regards I thiunk





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                      Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Hi Bruce. One of the problems with your contacts is your just contacting main adobe support and they won't have a clue about BC. There is now BC support on the phone to call etc.

                      You should always go through live chat , ticket or BC forums for BC related stuff.


                      NC is real and has a unique partner community building websites for people with varying levels of knowledge. Big companies investing a lot of money in BC.


                      The key is always talking to the right people to help. Now you have posted here those right people will sort you out. As Magda sais you need to PM her if you not done so already with your private info, do not post it pubically.