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    JS/CS5: Creating a HyperlinkTextDestination for a range of text

    rgartlan Level 1

      I'm having trouble getting a HyperlinkTextDestination set up for a range of text that's selected in my document.  It creates a destination, but it always results in being set to the beginning of the range, not the entire range.  I see the HyperlinkTextDestinations.add() function can accept an InsertionPoint or a Text, and it acts like it always prefers the former.  Am I doing something wrong here?  In the following code snippet, shouldn't the value of lengthOut be the same as lengthIn?


      Assume an open document with a range of text selected with the text tool.


      var doc = app.documents[0];

      if (doc.selection.length > 0)


           var selection = doc.selection[0];

           if (selection != null)


                var destText = selection; // using selection.getElements()[0] gives same result

                var lengthIn = destText.length;

                var newHLDest = doc.hyperlinkTextDestinations.add(destText, {name:selection.contents});

                // using destText.texts[0] above gives same result

                var lengthOut = newHLDest.destinationText.length;