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    help w adobe reader


      i have downloaded the free adobe reader for my ipad but when i go to "open documents" it always redirects to open documents in GoDaddy and sends me to that website. can anyone help with this issue? according to directions i thought documents should open in adobe reader....thanks for any  help gfw1213

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          Pat Wibbeler techies

          Can you please share where you are choosing "open documents"? Is this in Safari? If so, can you share a url? There isn't a direct way to open documents from Reader. It sounds like you may be trying to open documents from the browser or another app and something (perhaps a DNS provider or the website itself) is redirecting to godaddy before it gets to Reader. Typically, you can open documents using one of the methods described in this thread:


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            gfw1213 Community Member

            when i get an attachment w my emails on ipad the icon for attachment is the godaddy symbol? if i tap it it says go to godaddy and takes me to their website. on my laptop the attachment is fine

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              Pat Wibbeler techies

              If you tap and hold the icon in your email, do you get an "open in" option? All of this is handled by the mail application you're using, so you haven't even arrived in Reader yet. If it doesn't work, I might try the Apple store. I'm happy to help though. If you'd like, you can forward the email to adobereader-ios@adobe.com with a reference to this thread.



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                gfw1213 Community Member

                yes when i tap and hold icon for attachment it says open in Go Daddy and the icon itself has the GoDaddy logo. i have no reason why that would be

                even when i go to the adobe reader test page where it gives instructions and tap the little square w arrow in it that i think is supposed to open things in adobe reader it says open in Go Daddy?


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                  Pat Wibbeler techies

                  It sounds like you have a "GoDaddy" application installed that handles multiple file types (perhaps to upload to your hosting provider). Do you see another option besides "Open in Go Daddy"? When I tap and hold, I see "Quick Look", "Open in iBooks", and "Open In...". This last "Open in..." gives me the option to "Open in" Adobe Reader.


                  Also, please confirm that you are trying to open a PDF file. The Adobe Reader does not support opening other file types and won't be presented as an option for anything but PDF.





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                    gfw1213 Community Member

                    i uninstalled the GoDaddy app and the open in godaddy option went away but when reinstalled it came right back so im just leaving the godaddy app off my ipad. dont know what else to do