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        The avatars are there, they are not "missing", I simply hid them through one of my AdBlockPlus rules.  They can be restored in less than five seconds.


        The missing message numbers and the missing "in response to" information, unfortunately, I can't do anything about that. 

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          These are the blockable items on that page that are in fact hidden by AdBlockPlus.


          Picture 35.png

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            ALsp Champion

            Adobe's Community Professional "members" are probably fairly proficient in how a particular application operates. In a forum that is prone to many transient posters, people would tend to react to a "badge" and to the frequency of posts by the person answering them. Does a Community Pro label and a counter that says "10,000 posts since 1864" mean anything? In reality, no. But this is not reality. Not that I want a label, but take me for example. I wrote the first Dreamweaver Magic book. I was one of the original Dreamweaver evangelists (precursor to ACP and by invitation only - you could not "apply") and I made over 10,000 posts on the old Macromedia Dreamweaver newsgroup - which are not counted as forum posts. Do I care about any of this? Of course not. If I did, I would mention it in every post I make. Does it amuse me? Sadly, it does.  There is a lot of misinformation on technical issues, such as CSS for instance. There are still "professionals" sending budding web designers off to places like w3schools.com where they are as likely to get erroneous information as anything else. There are still people whose main goal in participating is not necessarily the general good or the joy of doing a good deed. From my observations, the odds on getting a good answer are fair. The odds on getting an expert answer are rare. But most people wouldn't know the difference if it hit them on the chin . Anyway, there's no sense in getting upset about things that will not be changed.


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              martcol Rockstar

              Hello Al,


              I think that you help make my point.  I knew nothing about your history although I quite believe it, but the value of the contribution you make on the DW forum is substantiated by the quality of the information you offer to people posing questions.  It doesn't need any fancy styling or label to validate, it stands (or falls) on its own merit and is supported over time.



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                ALsp Champion

                Your point is spot on. As for the full history of Dreamweaver, its contributors, and its benefactors, Google Groups maintains a record of historic posts on the original Dreamweaver forum.

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                  Nancy O. Legend

                  A while back some guy was using a DW look-alike logo for his Avatar.  I think he may have had a web site that used the same logo, too. His advice on the forums was helpful about 20% of the time.  80% of his answers were mediocre or completely out of touch with web standards of the day.    Transient forum users just saw his Avatar and assumed he was a knowledgeable product expert.  


                  I don't think any forum can keep people from gobbling up bad information.  But I think some distinction is valuable -- especially when its noticeable.   IMO using the same colors, etc... for Community Professionals & Adobe Employees doesn't make the forum better.   It simply divides the forum into 2 groups: peons and non-peons. 



                  Nancy O.

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                    Phillip M Jones Champion

                    I thought all Application Icons were copyrighted. IF so the person should be contacted by adobe and forced to change the Avatar.  Though I have some experience, with Acrobat or DreamWeaver, I wouldn't pass myself with such Avatars as an expert.

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                      Nancy O. Legend

                      As I said, it was a "look-alike" logo -- not exactly the same but close enough to give a false impression to new forum users.


                      Incidentally, the "guy with the logo" (can't remember his screen name) dropped off the radar quite a while ago. Adobe might have put the kabash on him & his website. Or maybe he got bored and moved on... 


                      In any case, I only mentioned him in follow-up to what Al said about "badges" being important for some.




                      Nancy O.

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                        Dave Merchant Mythic

                        Only Adobe employees can use product icons, box shots and the 'red tab' logo in their forum avatars, and only members of the various Adobe programs (ACP/UGM/etc) can use the program badges - this is policed through the image approval system, but there may be a couple of old accounts which have escaped our attention. If you find any, please report one of their posts (saying why) and one of the mods will remove the avatar. The same applies for anyone using "Adobe" as part of their username.


                        Adobe product icons cannot be altered as they are copyrighted and trademarked. "Lookalike" icons are not allowed, period.

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                          Jacob Bugge Legend



                          It seems that we are back to this dreadful contrasting background style.


                          I thought we were just about to see the last of it for certain staff, as implied by post #5 here by John:




                          I hope this is just a temporary issue soon fixed.

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                            the_wine_snob Legend



                            With all of the discussions before, I was surprised this AM (Tues. Sept. 04, 2012), to see all the white backgrounds.



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                              Noel Carboni Mythic

                              Wow, my eyes are burning!  They said "don't look into the light", but who could resist?


                              Now only the posts by we mere mortals will be different. 



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                                the_wine_snob Legend



                                It's just like "watching a solar eclipse... " Maybe we need those glasses that Terrie Stone sports in her avatar?


                                I think that I have some old "welder's goggles" out in the garage. Maybe time to find them... ?



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