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    Need some help

    h_cline2 Level 1

      Ok I currently work for an invitation company that has us typeset all invitations manually. My boss wants to use flash to create a type setting application so that the customer can type set their own invitations and so that we the graphic designers can focus more on creating original invitations, thank you cards and the like. I know it can be done as I've seen it on multiple sites. One of them being http://www.tickledpinkdesign.net and they've done it. I need to know of a place where I can learn how to do this so I can implement a similar feature. I've tried googling for one and cannot seem to find one. I know it deals with actionscript 3 and graphics on the stage. I need to know how to code this, also how to load fonts into a drop down menu like this one site has as well as make the text drag and droppable.


      Please can anyone direct me to a site or sites with the knowledge I need to create something like http://www.tickledpinkdesign.net has? I really need to know this as I'm the only one working on it since I'm the only one who knows flash.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          unless you need some small part of what that website is doing you will need to hire someone.


          to start, are you going to receive payments via the web?  if so, you need to hire someone.

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            h_cline2 Level 1

            What my employer wants is to do something similar to what they do with their type setting application. He already has a payment system in place so that is not a problem. I just need to know how to create a flash application like they use for their type setting of invitations, thank you cards, etc...


            So what I need is direction on how to create something like what they created for their invitations.

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              How experienced are you as a coder? Do much AS3? Any other languages? Are you new to coding?


              If you're new I'd agree that it's not something you can expect to jump in and tackle. It involves a multitude of experience in many facits of coding flash to do something like this. It's certainly not a beginner.


              You should consider devices as well. This is something you can achieve in HTML5/Canvas/JS as well and it will then work on devices such as phones and tablets.

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                h_cline2 Level 1

                Not that very experienced as a coder unfortunately. I'm still new to AS3. I'm fairly decent with AS2 but I know AS2 won't pull this off. My employer looked at HTML 5 and said he didn't want to use that. So I got the unlucky task of doing this. I know that this is a huge undertaking but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I've been taking online tutorials with AS3 via linda.com and other sites to get myself as good at the coding language as possible.


                I don't have a choice in this really. I need to know where I can find a site or multiple sites to find what I need to know to pull this off.


                To put it bluntly I'm a graphic designer being put into a coder position without much coding experience. So I know that I'm not qualified to do this but my employer said do it and I have no choice. So if you could please just direct me to where I can find what I need to know I'd be grateful.

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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  Consider using a prewritten package. Here's a couple examples:




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                    h_cline2 Level 1

                    Those links were helpful but neither was for my employer. What should I google to find more of those so we can choose a better package?

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                      sinious Most Valuable Participant

                      I did a quick search for something like "Allow customers to create a shirt on my website" and plenty of things popped up.


                      Premade solutions rarely do exactly what you want but are inexpensive (or free) and I would highly suggest that route. This isn't a simple thing to do. I've done it for a local client for his print shop and it took me about 3 weeks of time to get it complete. Cost them about $14k all said and done. But they needed it to integrate directly on the server side with their software's API so they literally need to do nothing. The orders come in with high res readily prepped assets.

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                        h_cline2 Level 1

                        My employer wants to do something similar to what you did for your client. He already has a shopping cart and online payment in place. What he needs is a solution that will allow him to integrate his own hand built shopping cart and online payment into a flash application that will allow the customers to set their own text. The deconetwork one wasn't what he wanted and the ossdesigners have their own shopping cart built directly into the package and therefore he didn't want that one either. He uses cold fusion for his website server. I did suggest the third party packages but doesn't seem he wants to go that route though he was interested initially. Currently we are trying to deconstruct what tickledpinkdesign has done by decompiling their swf files we were able to download but it's extremely difficult.


                        If there is any help you could offer I'd appreciate it. I think he wants to go with a hand built one or one that was deconstructed from another site and used for his own. Either way I'm fumbling around and could use all the assistance possible.



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                          sinious Most Valuable Participant

                          My domain name is in my icon, feel free to send a contact and request a quote.


                          This isn't a small project. Your employer larping this on you and telling you to just get it done is pretty nonsensical.


                          We can answer item by item questions in this forum but the questions need to be direct rather than "just give me all the code to do my project".

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                            h_cline2 Level 1

                            I wasn't looking for you to do the work for me. I was hoping to be directed to a site where there would be tutorials and guides on how to do this. I apologize if I came off as asking for someone to do the work for me. Even though I was given this project because I know flash I still want to learn how to do it. Thanks for your help.

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                              sinious Most Valuable Participant

                              This is a pretty general task but involves a lot of different techniques.


                              A user system with the ability to save/load designs. A library (premade clipart, etc). Some basic drawing tools (vector shapes and bitmap painting). A text tool. An upload mechanism for custom pictures. Potentially an undo/redo/history system. A layered canvas area that can load/zoom/orient a product. Integration with your inventory and cart. All tools should use a universal means of transforming everything (rotation/position/size/font/color/skew/etc). Finally you'll need to be able to save this in a logical way so you can utilize and price the creation.


                              You know each item that you need, you just have to create all of it and integrate it. I doubt you're going to find any tutorial going over all of that. Piece by piece I'm sure you can get help along the way but the questions need to be widdled down such as "Why isn't [this code] letting me paint?".

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                                h_cline2 Level 1

                                I see, thanks for the help. I'll be sure to ask specific questions and get help for each part along the way. Thanks for everything.

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                                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                  You're welcome, just shoot any other questions in another thread if you're ll done here and mark it answered. Good luck!