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    muse in ie browser problems?


      Has anyone noticed problems with muse built websites in internet explorer? I recently completed a site and it looks great in safari, google chrome and firefox but not so in internet explorer.



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          Andrew Hushbeck Level 4

          Muse should export code that is compatible Internet Explorer 7 and higher. Is this Ie 7 that you are having issues with? What issues specifically are you seeing with your site? Is this happening when you publish the site to Business Catalyst, when you export it to HTML and view it locally or when you export and then upload it via FTP? And do you have a URL for the site that we can take a look at?

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            designojo Level 1



            url is designojo.com. see attached screen pic when I open in IE. Then look at the site in safari or firefox. Thoughts?Screen shot 2012-05-16 at 1.42.51 PM.png

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              Andrew Hushbeck Level 4

              I don't see any issues with your site in Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9. From the looks of your screenshot, it looks like you might be running a Mac. Are you running IE for Mac?

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                Level 5

                No issues? Really?


                Isn't Muse supposed to do better at optimizing images?  That web page is pushing 6.5 MB of image data. Some of those images exceed 400 kb.

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                  designojo Level 1



                  Good to know that the site loads on IE for you. I am running IE for Mac. Actually Marian's comment was my next question. All of the image content was created at size and saved for web - almost all of the images are less than 110kb, yet the final site size is quite large. I was under the impression that Muse would optimize the images? I know that as a design site it is image heavy but still...The site loads are ok, not great and very slow on tablet. Any suggestions?



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                    Andrew Hushbeck Level 4



                    This seems to be at least partially because your images use a drop shadow effect. In Muse, we will regenerate that image to add the drop shadow, and that may include reencoding it to PNG (which may not be as good size-wise for your image). The way to fix this would be to remove these effects on the images so they don't get reencoded. We are looking at ways to make this better in future versions, but for now that is how we handle images with effects.


                    As for your site in IE for Mac, we do not support IE for Mac. IE for Mac is approximately equivalent to IE 5 for PC and reached its "end of life" in Microsoft's eyes in 2005. As I said, we do not support it and have no plans to do so at any point. However, your site should display correctly in IE 7 and higher.

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                      designojo Level 1

                      Since there are only a handful of images on the site (in lightbox) then I guess that removing the drop shadow on these images would only slightly impact the overall size of the site.

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                        Level 5

                        IE5 for Mac uses a different rendering engine so it does not equate to anything you'd see on Windows, even the Windows version of IE5.


                        Get rid of it. It is unsupported and not very secure.


                        Test for modern versions of IE by running a dual boot Windows system on your Mac or a virtualized Windows with a program like Parallels or Fusion.


                        You can also use Adobe's Browser Lab to preview what your site looks like on IE without installing anything on your Mac.

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                          Zak Williamson (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                          Actually, the 13 lightbox images that have drop shadows account for ~4Mb of data. Removing the drop shadow would allow Muse to output these images as jpeg which would reduce them in size by a factor of 5 or more (for an average photograph).


                          A couple possible workarounds to preserve the drop shadow would be to either:

                          1) bake it into the original images before importing them into Muse, with the trick being to include the background color behind the drop shadow so the image imported into Muse is an opaque jpeg or psd; or

                          2) if you're using a Composition Lightbox Display you could place a rectangle with a solid fill and a drop shadow behind the image frame in order to have it cast the shadow. With that approach the PNG for the drop shadow would be small (since a PNG for an image that's mostly one solid color is small) and there would only be one such PNG.

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                            designojo Level 1

                            thanks, all good suggestions!

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                              I just noticed something on my website that I'm building. Ourforevermoments.com I have a drop shadow applied to a basic slideshow within Muse, the color of the shadow should be black. Chrome and Firefox show this, but in Explorer the drop shadows shows as white. And I also notice it sometimes changes the fonts I set, to a smaller font, again, only in Explorer. I do love Muse and I'm sure it can be fixed. Also, is there any chance we will get more slide features options? Like, extending the transition time? Additional transition types? Larger arrows to press? Thanks!!!!

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                                CindyJones-Hulfachor Level 1

                                Very good discussion. Thank you.