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    New technology needs to be evaluated


      I am a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin where I'm enrolled in a program focused exclusively on technology commercialization.  Our goal is to better understand the commercial value and viability of the technology, called "Natural Image Point Prediction Method Technology". It is basically a high performance and high quality method to restore missing, corrupted, or low resolution image data. This method operates on large images in real time on standard computer without any special hardware. This technology can apply in both graphic design and video editing. For example, you can converts low resolution images into high resolution image. Or, you can denoise image that has been corrupted or missing color channel.


      We need to talk to some industry experts (Adobe, Nikon, professional designer, etc..) about the technology's potential. Could anyone give me some direction?

      Thank you very much. And if you don't want to post your contact here, please feel free to email me at vnguyen824@gmail.com