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    How to add logo to Business Catalyst email signature

    Madrid Man Community Member

      How does one and his logo or other graphic to the email signature in the Business Catalyst email environment? This is a basic function of the most basic and even FREE email sources out there. I can't seem to do it in Business Catalyst. I and my 1 BC customer are getting pissed-off right now. I have looked and looked and can't find the solution. It may be right in front of me. Please help.


      When we sign into the BC email accounts, it allows us to add a text signature under Settings/Mail - but text ONLY!!! Help! This can't be. It should not be. This is a basic, basic thing! Yes, I realize someone using Outlook or another manager can add a signature, but one should be able to add the graphic to the signature in BC.  Agreed? How do I proceed and, if I can't (unimagineable), how fast can BC add this feature?


      Thanks in advance for your help




      Frustrated & Disappointed