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    Question about CFB2  Feature

    minli98 Level 1



      I am trying out CFB2 and I was wondering if there is a way for me to point to a function and go to the place where it's defined?


      Also, the built-in ftp seems to be extremely slow (over 30seconds to upload a file).  Is this normal?


      Thank you!

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          You can jump to the function definition by CTRL+Click on the function call.



          Adobe ColdFusion Team

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            minli98 Level 1

            Hi Ram,


            Thanks, that works.  It took a while for the blue underline to come on which is why I thought it was not working when I tried it before.


            I am coming from DW5.5, and one of the things I am having a hard time adjusting in CFB is the code assist.  It often does not appear, particularly when I type too fast.    So I often would have to pause or backspace in order to trigger the code assist to come up.  I have set the preference for the code assist delay to 0, but it is still quite inconsistent.


            Also, any thought on my ftp issue?  Why is it so slow?


            All in all, I like CFB2 so far.  I haven't checked out all the functionalities I need, like version control and code compare. I must say though that DW feels smoother, more polished and more solid. 




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              RamKulkarni Level 2

              You can trigger code assist by CTRL+SPACE also. ColdFusion Builder has to parse the file before displaying code assist, and to improve the performance, it parses the file only after there is a short pause in typing, or when it is manualy triggered by ctrl+space.


              Regarding FTP, are you saying FTP in CFB is slower than in other products? I don't think we have observed terrible performance issues with FTP in our testing.



              Adobe ColdFusion Team