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    Encoding error


      I made a slideshow with Elements 10 (WDWS XP) and when I try to burn to a DVD, it locks up at 2% and says there is an encoding error?  How do I fix it? The needed space is less than 3gB.

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          Ask such questions in the PSE forum.



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            Moving this discussion to the Photoshop Elements forum.

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              Sorry, I guess I posted to the wrong Forum.  It's very frustrating to buy a program that doesn't work!  I had Pinnacle but I wanted something that would make a slide show in higher definition.  A friend told me this was the program to get.  It isn't as user friendly as Pinnacle but I thought I was starting to get the hang of it.  I was encouraged at first because in the preview, the definition was much better than Pinnacle. I had a lot of problems with photos getting split and gaps appearing between the slides.  I figured out that I needed to create the sequence in sceneline, not timeline and that I shouldn't add background music until the sequence was completed. I got some help from the videos but not clear instruction on how to accomplish what I wanted.  All I wanted to do was create a slide show of my trip to Europe. The program didn't come with an instruction manual, so I bought and borrowed five different books to help figure it out.  I wasn't able to find an answer to one single question in any of the five books!  Maybe I made a mistake purchasing this program?


              I've created this slide show three times now.  When I try to burn to a DVD, I get Transcoding error at 2%.  I've tried TDK, and Phillips DVDs with the same result.  I tried burning to a file;  same result, transcoding error at 2%. 


              The photos are large (8Mb - 4928x3264) but I want high definition, that's why I purchased the program.   


              Please, can anyone help me?