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    Resolve installed Flash player not excuted for all the Vista users on my PC?

    Rawearth Level 1

      I have a Windows Vista 32-bits system.

      I have created 2 admin and 2 standard users.

      Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) 32 bit is installed but also Chrome and Firfox are used.


      For 1 admin user Flash works fine when accessing a site in IE9 that requires Flash.

      For the other users, including the admin user, IE9 must be run "as adminstrator" by specifically choosing that option.


      If not run "as administrator" IE9 states that Flash needs to be installed. That either leeds to Flash player not being installed (error is that it is already installed) or that after a succesful installation the problem simply occurs again (and again and again ...)


      I want the standard users on the pc to be able to navigate to trusted sites without running IE9 in "as adminstrator" mode.

      What do I need to do?


      Can I set Adobe Flash player to be available for all the users for Vista and IE9?

      Do I need to alter registry settings manually?

      If yes - how and which?


      Thanks in advance.