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    No sound on export - CS4


      Hi all,


      I've had a scan through the forum and can't really find a solution to this, I hope you can help!


      I work in a school that uses Prem Pro CS4 across multiple computers. Recently, one particular cluster of computers has stopped exporting audio. The video itself is fine and the audio is present within premiere and on the original clips, it's only the exported video that is affected.


      I realise that there are loads of variables here, but all I really want to know is if anyone has encountered this before and what caused it in that particular case.


      Opening saved projects on a different computer allows a normal export, so that should eliminate project settings. I'm wondering if this could be sound card or driver related. The problem is persistent across different export formats including h.264, avi and wmv and I've tried quite desperate last ditch trials like switching from stereo to mono, using a different bit rate and even just changing the save destination.


      I'll try to get IT to give me a breakdown of the hardware for this cluster since I can't access admin tools on my login.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The first thing that I would check would be the Export settings on that offending group of computers. This ARTICLE goes into more detail, on what to look for. My first guess would be that the users on those computers made changes to the Export Settings in the Auido area. If everything IS set correctly, then we can head in another direction with troubleshooting.


          Good luck,



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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            The first thing I'd ask is how do you know the audio isn't there?  Are you exporting two files (V and A) and the .wav is missing?  Is it a muxed file and sound just doesn't play?