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    Duplicate printers


      In Adobe reader, all networked printers are showing in the print box twice. One of the printers doesn't work when it is selected. I have confirmed there is only 1 instance of the printer installed on the machine. I noticed that one of the printers is showing in capitals and one in lower case, e.g. \\SERVERNAME\RICOH..... and \\servername\ricoh etc


      So far I have tried:

      Uninstalling and reinstalling the network printer - same issue

      Adding the printer manually - Reader closed as soon as you selected print

      Uinstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader - same issue

      Uninstalling the printer, deleting all instances of the printer from the registry and then readding the printer - same issue


      Any thoughts?

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          Strangest thing...if you go to your printers and select a different default printer (while in Adobe Reader) and then switch it back to your original default printer it for some reason deletes the duplicate printer. We shut down and rebooted and it was still gone.