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    Captivate Your Learners with Engaging eLearning Webinar Feedback

    RhiannaUlrich Level 1

      Good afternoon.


      I just finished attending the Captivate Your Learners with Engaging eLearning webinar with Dr. Risa Blair.

      For reference, here is the link to the webinar sign-up: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=detail&id=2010045&loc=en_us


      Although I was able to leave half of my feedback before the webinar was shut down, I felt like I should be able to finish my feedback to Adobe. I couldn't find anywhere to contact Adobe in regards to their online provided webinars so I came here.


      As an eLearning and Instructional designer, I attended this webinar to help gain new tools and tricks to use within my own training. And, although the instructor provided a few links for online content for purchase, I didn't learn anything new. The instructor spent a lot of time covering eLearning/ID basics: engage your learner, use graphics, add in knowledge checks, etc. It would have been nice if she had followed her own lesson plan. This webinar consisted of a very dry and boring PowerPoint slide deck with NO learner engagement, pixilated blown out graphics, and no knowledge checks. I was extremely bored the entire time - and I wasn't the only one. Right before the webinar shut down, during the feedback, another participant agreed with my comments about it being a boring webinar that needed: learner engagement, knowledge checks, and someone who knows how graphics work, how to place them, and how to find new graphics if they ones they have are just too small to use successfully.


      As an Adobe hosted webinar I was expecting much better. As an example of Adobe's content, knowledge, programs, and capabilities and if fell short.


      Dear Adobe,

      When you host webinars, please ensure that your instructors know how to show off your products to the best of their potential, know how to follow their own lessons, and can provide Adobe with the best of the best in regards to content and design.


      Dear Dr. Risa Blair,

      I am very sorry if my feedback seems harsh; but you said yourself in your webinar to get feedback from participants and to actually review and follow it. Please take this feedback is it is meant: constructive criticism to help improve instructional design and eLearning courses. Please consider using: learner interaction/engaging content, knowledge checks, presentations that cater more to the adult learners attention needs, and images that don't have watermarks from iStock on them and images that are large enough to not be pixilated in your presentations.


      Thank you,