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    OT: Chinese address format question

    Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

      I have a project that is english along with a chinese translation. There are United States addresses that are translated as well, but the one thing that I noticed is different ways that the same information is translated.


      For example: Fort Worth, Texas is translated these two way:


      的沃思堡 , 德克萨斯州


      You can see an obvious difference, my questions: would there be a reason for the 2 versions? If not, is there one version/format preferred over the other?

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          According to one online tralation tool, the top one is :   In Texas, Fort Worth

          and the bottom one is : Fort Worth, Texas


          I don't know what would be preferred for your use, however.

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            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

            That's interesting and also shines some light on why the differences. Google Translate had translated the text the same for me. Chinese postal addresses are written differently than english, going in reverse order of biggest location first, down to the smallest location. So the Texas, Forth Worth translation was probaly made along with a conversion to chinese address format, my guess anyways.

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              David W. Goodrich Level 3

              As SRiegel says, different strokes for different folks.  And speaking of different folks, it looks as though the translators (human or otherwise) changed between the two lines: the first character in "Texas" goes from 得 to 德.  That's not a big deal -- transliterating Western names into Chinese involves flexibility -- but there's also something to be said for consistency.  As part of an address, the 的 at the start of the second line is extraneous to both names.