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    Many web files not appearing in local view in Dreamweaver 6

    Mark Quarmby

      I downloaded DW 6 yesterday as a trial version and have found that many, perhaps most, of my web files are not showing up in local view, making it impossible to use.  Going back to 5.5, all my files are still there.  I have more than one  web site and they are all affected by this.  I have many images in my image folders and in one folder, for example, they stop showing up in the 'C's - the rest of the alphabet is missing (they are all arranged by alphabetical file names).  I have tried refreshing but still no more files will show up.  Is there a limit on how many files DW6 will display?  I have to close the image folder in order to see any other folders for that site.  I'm using MAC OS 10.7.4