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    Enable Arabic in InDesign CS6


      We are currently working with the CS4 ME version.


      After I read this document:




      I downloaded the CS6 trial to see if we can upgrade our Macs without waiting for a ME version.


      I got Arabic fully enabled in Photoshop – but not in InDesign and Illustrator.


      I don't find the options as described in the document above; text direction, character direction, left-bounded pages (in InDesign), and so on...


      Is it possible that these feature are not integrated in the current version of CS6 or do I miss some hidden preferences (like in Photoshop the "Middle Eastern" text engine option?


      Help is really appreciated!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Right at the top of the page it says "New and improved features for working in Arabic and Hebrew are available in the Middle East and North African edition of this software."


          You'll either have to wait for those versions to be released, or take a look a the World Tools plugins from In-Tools.com.  But also take a look at http://forums.adobe.com/message/4397875 for some things you can do by using Hebrew or Arabic placehoder text to activate the World-Ready composer.

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            Sajhd Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            Is World Tools Pro plugin compatible with Indesign CS6? The in-tools.com website doesn't mention anything regarding CS6.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              If there is not a compatible version now, I suspect there will be very soon.


              Gabe Harbs who runs In-Tools is a regular contributor here (he's more active in scripting), and you can ask him a question through the forum Private Mesaage utility, or contact him through the In-Tools website.

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                I corresponded with him a few days back. He doesn't have an InDesign 8 (CS6)-compatible version ready yet.


                          - Dov

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                  Vikrant Rai Adobe Employee

                  From what i've heard, the trials should be available in a few days. I don't think that they are up yet.



                  If you reside in the MENA region, you can buy directly from the resellers:

                  Arab world: http://www.adobe.com/mena_en/purchase/

                  Israel: http://www.adobe.com/il_en/purchase/


                  If you're not in the MENA region, it is possible to download the Middle Eastern editions by purchasing a Creative CLoud Membership individual subscription.

                  Before downloading, in the Adobe Application Manager, set your preferences to indicate your preferences.


                  Steps to  install a MENA product:

                  ·         Go to www.creativecloud.com

                  ·         Sign in using your Adobe ID

                  ·         Click on the “Download” button at the top to download “Adobe Application Manager”. (AAM)

                  ·         Sign in again to AAM using your Adobe ID

                  ·         Accept the EULA

                  ·         Click on your name on the top left corner à Preferences

                  ·         Select the MENA language of your choice and click Save:

                  o   English يدعم العربية //English – Arabic Enabled

                  o   English תומך עברית // English – Hebrew Enabled

                  o   Francais (Maroc) // French (Morocco)

                  ·         Click Install on the application of your choice. Please note that only PS, ID, AI, and DW have MENA enabled versions.

                  ·         If you install a product that does not have a MENA version, AAM will install the International English version (if your language preference is set to “English - Arabic Enabled” or “English - Hebrew Enabled” ) or the French version (if your language preference is set to “French (Morocco)” )

                  ·         To install application in different languages, you can go to AAM à Click on your name àPreferences à Language à select the desired language à Save.