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    can't import photos anymore

    Didier R.

      I can't import photos anymore : when clicking the import button, I get the following message : AgPathUtils.getStandardFilePath: can't create directory at: /Users/DR/Pictures


      I recently had my HD replaced with a SSD, and still using the HD as a secondary drive on which I have my catalogue.


      Thanks for your help

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          Most likely we're having trouble with the path to your hard drive due to these changes. Try recreating Lightroom's settings to force it to re-read the current configuration.

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            Didier R. Level 1

            Thanks Brett.

            How can you change the path (I've already changed the path to the catalogue).



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              Brett N Adobe Employee

              The Import window will default to the last used path. With the paths getting changed at the system level, the previously used path is no longer available, that's why you're getting the error. There isn't really a way to change the import path without entering the Import window. That is why you will have to delete the setting file, to reset the paths in the Import window to "manufacturer" defaults.

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                I have the same problem. Can you be more specific on how to reset the paths in the import window? The "manufactur" default seems to need the paths to ~/Pictures and ~/Movies no matter what. On mine, if I rename the /Pictures and /Movies symlinks (i.e. /Pictures1) in the Finder (OS X Mountain Lion), only then will Lightroom open the import dialog and will create its own /Pictures and /Movies - will I have to do this every time I want to import?? Thanks.

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                  Brett N Adobe Employee

                  There isn't really a default location that Lightroom imports from. It always looks at the last location chosen, but when you reset the application settings, nothing is selected. You have your Source panel which is looking at your hard drive, but not really examining the contents. However, there are default selections for it to choose from, which do include Pictures (//Users/[Your User Name]/Pictures/) and Movies (//Users/[Your User Name]/Movies/), as well as a couple others. Lightroom may be relying upon the help of symbolic links (aliases) to do this. Where are you deleting them from?

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                    dudebrohomie Level 1

                    Where am I deleting what from? I just re-installed LR and it still won't import unless I change the names of the symlinks. Only then will the import dialogue open, in the absence of the /Pictures and /Movie folders. Then it creates new folders, in the Finder, and also in the import dialogue.

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                      Brett N Adobe Employee

                      Sorry, I meant "rename" not "delete". Are you simply renaming the actual folders or the symlinks? If the symlinks, where are they when you rename them?

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                        dudebrohomie Level 1

                        I'm renaming the symlinks on Macintosh HD. They replace the old /Pictures /Movies folders with the link that shows up where they normally do, and they're linked to the actual folders on my 2nd HD.

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                          Brett N Adobe Employee

                          My question is, where on your HD are these symlinks? It sounds like you are redirecting things here. So you've set up a secondary drive to be the default location for your user document folders (i.e. Pictures and Movies)? And then Lightroom works when it is not be redirected in this way?

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                            dudebrohomie Level 1

                            Secondary drive holds all media and files, due to the large size. The OS is on the primary drive, where I've replaced the folders on the primary HD with the symlinks, so media folders are redirected.


                            Again, the symlinks are in the exact same place as the folders would normally be. MacHD/Users/~/Pictures, etc. They replace the folders. They work like an Alias, or shortcut. In the Finder, and most other applications, these folders show up because the symlink redirects you to the folders on the 2nd drive.


                            Ideally, Lightroom would either open the import dialogue and show the symlinks, or not show anything at all and still open up. Apparently, there HAS to be folders with the names /Pictures /Movies in your User directory, otherwise Import refuses to open. That's my complaint I guess. Even if LR isn't being correctly redirected to the folders, Import should be able to open up according to what you say.

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                              Brett N Adobe Employee

                              I'll test that theory, about LR needing folders with these names in these locations to see what happens.

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                                Brett N Adobe Employee

                                How exactly did you delete your Pictures folder and replace it with the symlink? When I try I get the error "'Pictures' can't be modified or deleted because it's required by Mac OS X". I can't rename the folder either. Seems like you have to hack the system to do what you've done. In those kinds of cases, you're kinda off the beaten path on traveling alone...

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                                  tscheypi Level 1

                                  I've the same Problem. Moving the pictures or movies folder e.g. to an external harddrive is not a hack but a normal "way to do it" and you can find a lot of descriptions on google when you search for it. It seems, that LR is not accepting a symlink as a default setting for an movie or picture folder.

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                                    I have the same problem.  I have deleted ~/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.LightRoom* and the problem persists.  When I mv(1) my Movies symlink out of the way and enter the Import window, it creates ~/Movies/ but there does not appear to be any way to make it not use or care about this pathname, or change any Preferences setting to another pathname.  This is a bug, probably in the improper use of stat(2).