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    DateChooser multipleSelection

    BaileyBurger Level 1

      Can't figure how to get the values back from a dateChooser control with allowMutlipleSelection set to true. Alert.show(String(myChooserControl.selectedDate)) only displays the first of the selected dates. How do I get back all of the dates? Thanks!
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          dimival Level 1
          Maybe you can try using the selectedRanges property, this property is an array of objects. Each object in this array has two date Objects, rangeStart and rangeEnd.

          maybe that can be used
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              BaileyBurger Level 1
              That did it. Thanks, dimival!!!

              private function handlerCalendar():void
              var StartDate:String = String(dcCalendar.selectedRanges[0].rangeStart);
              var EndDate:String = String(dcCalendar.selectedRanges[0].rangeEnd);
              Alert.show(StartDate + EndDate);

              <mx:VBox id="CalendarForm" horizontalAlign="center" width="100%" height="100%" visible="false">
              <mx:DateChooser id="dcCalendar" yearNavigationEnabled="false" allowMultipleSelection="true"/>
              <mx:Button label="Save Event" click="handlerCalendar()"/>
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                dimival Level 1
                Glad i could help :)