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    Render previews - more

    Danielpremiere Community Member

      Hi everyone


      CS3 system - though probably applies to other versions of software.


      So I left my system running last night, rendering hours of previews for me. I can see that about 75% of what I set it to do was done, the last file being created at approx 1 a.m. However the system had an error message when I came in, and it had crashed. However obviously the preview files are written to disk, but the "links" to them from the playlist are gone. Is there anyway to re-link the files, or do I have to start the preview renders again (creating what in effect will be the same files, but they will be just linked up to the timeline).


      Hope this makes sense.


      Look forward to hearing any responses.




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          the_wine_snob Community Member

          I would first investigate why the computer crashed during Render. This ARTICLE will give you some things to look into.


          Good luck,



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            Danielpremiere Community Member


            I didn't get a BSOD, just after about rendering for 6 hours, I think it decided to give up. I have a properly built machine which I sometimes feel I drive very hard, but it does regularly fall over (though I use it for my full time job). I had a "Adobe Premiere has an encountered an error and must close" type error.

            Earlier today, I had a debug error event. I suspect I am not alone in receiving these events. I hope that when I get my new machine it will be more reliable.


            Does anyone have any thoughts on the "re-linking" idea, or the other queries I had with regard to having to render previews before exporting to get full-quality exports?


            Here's hoping the one I left running tonight does not fall over.....


            Many thanks


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              John T Smith CommunityModerator

              >suspect I am not alone in receiving these events


              No, you are not alone... but, no, I have never had such happen with the computer I built for CS5 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/652694