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    Using Find All Suspects & "Not Text" Grew File Size About 5x

    NY2LA Level 1

      I'm using Adobe Acrobat X.


      I was pretty happy with the size of a 216 page PDF that I am working on, approximately 6 MB.


      The PDF consists of only CCITT G4 encoded black and white pages, scanned from photocopies. I used Recognize Text, which seemed to work pretty well, and increased the file size by an insignificant amount.


      Then I spent a couple of hours using Find All Suspects. Recognize Text interpreted a lot of stray marks on the original photocopies as text, and I went through and marked all of them as "not text".


      I didn't realize the file grew in size to 22.9 MB, until I tried to email it to myself.


      What do you suppose happened? Did I miss a step?