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    Fireworks CS6 - Still the same memory issues and crashes.

    Andrej Balaz Level 1

      I had hoped that the inability to save even the simplest documents due to a range of errors from "Unable to complete your request. An error occured", to "Not enough memory", to "Error Code 80000001) would be fixed.


      Adobe is completely ignoring their best design solution for mobile application design, now over 5 years!


      I am working on a document that has 12 42x42 icons and nothing else, still I cannot save my document half of the time. The tool is unusable as is. It is highly unstable and endangers work, not to speak about the frustration it causes me.


      My Fireworks hardly uses more than 300MB of memory, still hitting ctrl+s almost always results in an error. It is impossible to work longer than 30 minutes without needing to restart the tool.



      My version is CS6 with the Creatve Cloud.


      My computer is an i7 Win 7 x64 PC with 16GB of ram and a SSD disk configuration. My system is not the issue.



      I am highly dissapointed by Adobe once again.