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    Support tickets

    sbshields Level 1

      What is up with the support tickets not getting answered within 24 hours? I've been waiting 3 days now, and I've even had live chat support try to follow up my case number with accounts but no one has responded. This is getting beyond a joke and I think that Adobe need to refocus their support efforts otherwise people will be leaving in droves.

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          NaviB2 Level 2

          Yeah, I have been waiting two days now. I have a client waiting on the reply, so I am going to tell them that what we are trying to do for them can't be done at the moment.

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            vladyroman Adobe Employee



            I apologize for the delays of the answers.

            Did you encounter these issues only with accounts cases, or is it happening for all the cases?

            If you have delayed tickets, can you please send me private messages with their numbers so I can check what happened?


            Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience,


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              I have had questions waiting for nearly 48 hours now - where did the support go. The new support 'Adobe' page are really difficult to navigate

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                vladyroman Adobe Employee

                Hi David,


                I checked out your ticket and it was answered in less than 1 hour since you submitted it on May 16th.


                Can you please check out if you received an email about it?

                If not, please check it out on the Adobe support portal?


                You can access it by selecting "View previous cases" from the support page. (see below)


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                  David1000000 Level 1

                  Sorry, but I have had another ticket wiating since just after then. I have submitted it twice.

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                    NaviB2 Level 2

                    Hi Vlad,


                    I submitted my job #0183226275 on the 16th and got a reply on the 19th my time (18th your time). So that was a 3 day wait.


                    I did get an email but it says at the top: Note:

                    This email address cannot receive messages.
                    Please do not reply to this email.


                    I have now replied to that job. I think the person responding didn't have the right answer either, as they said the form would update when fields were added. Whereas Sidney, in a forum post said they would not in the design view. I'm a bit confused now.


                    I got a reply in the forum much faster than 3 days from logging a job.


                    Thanks for investigating this. I am hoping for a quicker turnaround for logged jobs in future.