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    "Unable to set maximum number of files to be opened" in CS6 trial, CS5 runs fine

    medgno_43 Level 1

      Trying to start up the CS6 trial on a mac running OS X 10.7.3, I get the following message: "Unable to set maximum number of files to be opened."  After clicking "OK" on that dialog, Illustrator quits.  Illustrator CS5 runs perfectly, as does Photoshop CS6 trial.


      Searching for this error showed other people having this on much earlier versions of Illustrator as a result of their maxfiles limit being set too low.  The suggested fix was removing /etc/launchctl.conf to unset the limit.


      Running `launchctl limit` show my maxfiles hard and soft limits are 10,000.  I do not have an /etc/launchctl.conf file, and running `mdfind launchctl` doesn't show any other config files with that name sitting elsewhere (like in /private).  Finally, I've run Repair Disk Permissions.


      If anyone has ideas on what I can do to get Illustrator running on my computer, I'd appreciate it.