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    PSE8 slide show transitions

    coh2000 Level 1

      I'm using PSE8... is there a way for me to add some additional slide show 'transitions' that did not come with the product?

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          Baljeet Juneja Level 3

          Hi, No you can not use any other transitions for slide shows in PSE apart from the transitions that came along with PSE.

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            coh2000 Level 1

            Hello Baljeet, Thank you for your response. Can I import a slide show made in PSE8 into a newer version of PSE (9 or 10) and then change some of the transitions to different ones that may be available in the newer (different) version?

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              Brett N Adobe Employee

              Yes, slides shows created in one version of Elements Organizer can be opened in future versions of Elements Organizer, after converting the catalog to the new version. However, we have not added any new transitions to slideshows in Elements Organizer.


              The best way to get new transations would be to get Premiere Elements. You can open your Elements Organizer slideshow in Premiere Elements and make changes. Premiere Elements includes a fair number of extra transitions.

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                coh2000 Level 1

                Thanks Brett. Is Premiere Elements supplemental software that runs concurrently with PSE8.

                How do I  purchase/initiate a download for Premier Elements?

                Would this be while I am running my PSE8?  I don't see where.

                Will my PSE8 work in a similar manner as it does now but with additional functionality?

                In other words, can I just open my slide show project in the same way?

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                  Baljeet S. Juneja Adobe Employee



                  Premiere Elements is different software that helps you editing the videos whereas, Photoshop Elements helps you editing the pictures/images.


                  As Brett has already mentioned, Premiere Elements has lot more slide transitions as compared to Photoshop Elements


                  As the current version of Elements is 10.

                  So you can visit nearest Adobe Store or visit Adobe.com website and can purchase Premiere Elements 10


                  PSE 8 will remain uneffected if you install PRE 10 as its completely different software.


                  Specific to slideshows, you may then rely on PRE 10 rather than PSE 8.


                  You can try PSE 10 for free till 30 days as a trial .